Milwaukee Harley Ralley

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    Well I just wanted to ask if anyone had as much fun this past Holiday weekend at the milwaukee ralley as I did. The dealers did a good job of making it easy getting to and leaving. The traffic was not bad at all and it was easy getting from one dealer to another. I thought that the entertainment was good. And the shows both nights at the state fair were great. It had been 38 years since I saw foghat and the Outlaws in concert. I can't tell you how for that bit of time I seemed to fad back to the past and relive the days when in the words of our Down Under Mates "No Worries". But reality set in this morning as Being out till all hours of the night would not allow this old body to move to quickly. The bugs and dust on the scoot will have to wait until tomorrow. All that is going to get done today is the grass as I cruise the rider and think of how good it felt to enjoy what riding is all about and the folks that you meet. Bless our troops for they make this possible. Thanks All !
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    The group I was with opted to go to Savanna,Il insted of Milwaukee,I have been to the ralley before and had a great time...Savanna was a good time,there is some good riding in that part of Illinois...(shocking I know) year will be Milwaukee