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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by hdcw3r, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Two questions, what's the fattest front tire I can install,(safely), on an 09 Dyna Super Glide Custom without modifying the existing hardware and does anyone know if with the extended warranty including tires and wheels I paid dearly for, will my friends @ Harley cover the modified tire setup?

    She arrived with a Dunlop D401F 100/90-19 but I like the fatter look.

    Sorry...three questions. Is there such a thing as a front fender extension bolt on kit or a mud/splash guard to minimize that dreaded road spray from the front tire?
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    Don't know about warranties and everyone I know that has gone wider in the front has changes rims (e.g. gone to 16") and guards (if they put them on).

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    Reason why both wheels and tire sizes change is because the ride'ability of the bike changes if you go wider, besides the clearance problems with fenders, swingarm and need to adjust rear offset to ensure calipers center over the brake rotors, belt drive tracks properly and other mechanical foibles that occur when changing "just one thing..." on a highly tuned piece of running gear like a motorcycle, with many design cycles under it's belt. Things are never easy or simple...
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    As far as the warranty goes, I asked when I purchased my wheel and tire warranty if it also covered after market rims and replacement tires and I was told "yes" it covers any wheel and tire I may put on it up to a certain price point.