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    Been breaking in the new Ultra Classic for a little over a week now. Went for a ride the other day ... Sunny, temp. in the high 40's. Then the sun went behind an ever darkening and ominous encroaching overcast. It got colder. Took the round about back road way to Fenelon Falls. Rode almost 200 miles in all. ... But on the return trip the Ultra showed she is magic. While westbound on Goodwood Rd, (Hwy 21 a two lane) at 7th Concession Rd, an 18 wheeler coming eastbound fast, blew his front left tire ... The truck was about 20 feet from me and closing. Tire debris exploded and was bouncing everywhere. As I was yelling colourful metaphors, I started trying to dodge the bouncing chunks of tire ... zigzagging and pulling as far to the right as I could and back again. I thought for a moment the truck was going to lose it and the trailer would force me off the road. I was doing about 60 MPH, slowing and dodging. But the driver held the rig together and got her off on the shoulder a bit further down the road. As I cleared the danger zone there was a road work surveyor guy moving at the side of the road that caught my eye. I moved to give him a wide berth ... And there it was ... right in front of the bike ... A shinny metal object ... small, but the hit to the front tire was a done deal. TWANG! I heard the thing do that banging thing when the front tire spits something out the side from under ... So I pulled over and stopped to check out the bike. Checked the front tire first, then did a circle check of everything else. Not a mark anywhere ... Not a scratch ... nothing ... Even the front tire showed no damage, leaks or marks from the metal object. The bike is totally magic!
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    Now that is something. Someone is watching over you.
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    Great bike, but God watching over you too.
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    lucky lucky lucky
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    Having been through a few sticky situations in the past i fell that you will now be very confident of yourself with that bike

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    Glad that it turned out ok. Pray that the Angel that guided you through this will never leave your side.
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    Angels watching over me my Lord, all day and all night. Praise God for the angels He sends. I'm glad all turned out well.
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    i hit a chunk of steel, looked like something from an 18 wheeler s air brakes, on the george washington bridge bout a month ago. same thing, spit out to the side, hit the bike hard, sounded like the crash bar or lower frame. when i pulled over to look, no damage, nothing. thought for sure my lower fairing would be busted up. nope, nada. magical for sure