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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Asian Nightster, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Asian Nightster

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    Our province here in Mantioba has a law out stating any bike that measures over 95 decible will end up getting a ticket of $200. This is just plain silly. Not sure if you guy or gals have the same delima. Let me know your thoughts:(
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    The noise police are every where, one more reason to pull u over JMO:p
  3. dbmg

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    Have found with a loud exhaust you are always on notice with the Law. Since I have reinstalled O.E. no more headaches riding and able to ride alot farther. There may come a time when across the country noise laws are enacted.
  4. DDogg

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    I have found that with loud pipes, I'm being noticed. I'll see the person in the cage look in either his or her side or rear view mirror to check out where that sound is coming from. As for LOUD, well if it disturbs people at 6:00am then that's bad, if it sounds cool and gets attention, then I'm for it. I've gotten next to buses with the diesel choking me that are louded than my Harley. It's just another way to get us to pay. Loud pipes saves lives.
  5. nakkers

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    There are rumblings across the provinces and states that don't have regulations, to adapt some.

    I like the sound of my bike. And it can be loud when I twist the grip but, if I keep things in check, I don't seem to attract any unwanted attention from the police.

    I think those folks running straight pipes might run into some issues as these regulations become common place.

    It ain't gonna get any better down the road I'm afraid.
  6. lowrider1963

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    My V&H are listed at 100 Db, but have not had any issues with johnny law. People definitely can hear me, but nothing that makes the kiddies cover their ears.
  7. joel

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    I too am for the louder than stock mufflers as they do get the driver of the cage to look for you when come up on thier side. I think we should go after the pocket bikes these guys that have lost thier lic. and are going wide open throttle and can be hear 3 blocks away, after that we need to go after the train horns, street cleaner vacuum trucks, rat terriers that don't stop barking and the neighbors cats that seem to think 3:00 am is the best time to be under the bedroom window fighting, man the list could go on and on.
  8. jack42

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    i have reighns on mine with power commander 3 you want loud:good:good:( i'm deaf

    BANTSTER Member

    Yup, its the way of the future! Here in saskatchewan the provincal gov't doesn't want anything to do with it,, so they are letting the city council's decide on there own, sounds like a cash grab to me
  10. billyd1

    billyd1 Active Member

    There is the option of pipes that "open & close" by a switch and "A"-"B" switch selectable mapping fuelers that would allow you to select loud or not for your real time situation :s