Loose Nuts & Bolts

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  1. Steve Di.

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    I have a balanced motor on my Heritage and am not too worried about loose Nuts and bolts. However, I have found that the nuts that hold my exhaust pipes to the head become loose.

    Would you guys recommend using a thread adhesive on your exhaust bolts? It is the first time I have ever seen exhaust bolts loosen up on their own.

    What other bolts are at risk of working themselves loose?
  2. TQuentin1

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    I have never had that happen. Usually the nuts and studs rust up enough that I have to APPLY a penetrating oil to get them off. Do you think someone might have used an anti-seize compound on the studs when the exhaust was last resecured?

    I would not use a thread lock compound on the studs if they would even work at that temp. You need to be able to take those nuts off when you want to. Worst thing ever is the feeling when one of those studs shears off!!

    The best thing to do as far as I am concerned is to take the nuts off when the engine is cold, and clean the studs up with a degreaser or brake cleaner spray. Try to get any type of anti-seize off of there. Resecure the nuts and torque as indicated in the book. Keep an eye on them and double check the torque periodically until you are confident they are staying.

  3. glider

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    What you may be seeing is that the gaskets are compressing and making the nuts seem as if they have loosened up. Just re torque them and if you have a problem again, you may consider double nutting the stud instead of a thread locking agent. You would be able to see if they are loosening up after this or the gasket is compressing.
  4. Steve Di.

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    Loose Nuts & Bolts


    Anti-seize paste was my suspicion too. But I haven't seen any evidence of it on the threads. I was expecting them to be seized when I installed my S.E. IIs and was suprised to find the bolts were actually loose.

    I am actually glad they are easily removed as opposed to my other option.

    Thanks Glider. The double nutting idea should work. I didn't think lock-tight would work because of the high temps.
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    Re: Loose Nuts & Bolts

    After installing my exhaust I re-check the torque on the nuts after running a few miles and tightening them while the engine is still warm.I usually have to tighten them about a quarter turn.After that.no problems.
  6. harleydogg

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    I have the balanced motor also , but about once a month on a rainy day I go around mine and check all the nuts and bolts.A habit I got into back when I us ta ride old shovels and iron heads.
  7. M' one.

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    "Loctite Red" is a high temp. non permanent thread lock, another option if there is not enough room for a double nut is wire locking with stainless wire.