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    Would like to hear the pros and cons

    Im from central Texas and we are looking to buy an ultra classic. I am thinking 07 because of the price. I like the thought of the 6 speed tranny and of those I have test riden that 6th gear seems to be pretty nice to have.

    I did have the oppertunity to ride a UC earlier in the summer, an 05 with the 88 5 speed.

    Sold me on the US.

    Please help
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    Given the choice of the 07 with the 96 and 6 speed trans and a nice 88 punched out to a 95 with a 5 speed, I think I would go with the 5 speed. The 6 speed isn't all it's cracked up to be IMO. The 5 speed has less flex in the vital areas of the trans like the trap door and the cranks in the 88/95 are a better unit.
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    Glider what are you referring to when you say "trap door"? Just trying to continue my education.
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    The side cover that supports the shafts and gears on the end of the trans.

    Shown here on the shafts and gears.

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    The 6-speed is great if you're really touring. It drops the RPMs a few hundred at the top end saving on noise, heat and gas. However, if you're riding a lot of "parades" and organized rides I'd go with a 5-speed. In the organized rides I've been on the close-ratios of the 6-speed make you constantly "shift" or "hunt" gears as you ride and the line accordians up and back, fast and slow. After awhile it's just a pain in that mode.
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    I love my 08 ultra. The 6th gear is somewhat useless unless you are cruising at 75mph. With all the mountainous terrain here in Oregon I rarely get to use the 6th gear. The six speed is nice if you can get a long stretch of highway before you and set the cruise. I can't otherwise think of any cons to the Ultra. Its a great highway sofa on wheels.
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    If you do a lot of highway/interstate riding the 6th gear is really nice. I put a 6 speed in my '97 Heritage and loved it. If I were in the market for an Ultra, I wouldn't buy if it didn't have a 6 speed tranny. I do spend a lot of time touring and riding the interstate so it is a must for me. Personally, I'd buy an '09 if looking for used...lots of good changes in 2009. JMO
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    I just swapped an '07 I really, really liked on a 2010. There's really no comparison as the new frame and it's superb handling and stability obsolete everything that came before it, IMO. They appear to have regeared things since '07 to make 6th gear much more useful. It's good with no lugging all the way down to 50 MPH although the Owner's Manual recomends 55 as the low end. I always tried to keep the '07 above 65 MPH in 6th and 70 and above felt a lot better. Much better acceleration through the gears compared to the '07 but still cranks a low 2600 RPMs at 70 MPH and just under 3 grand at 80 MPH. Roll-ons in 6th are a LOT more pleasing with immediate results on the '09s and '10s. I downshifted to 5th a lot for passing and rollons on the '07.

    My biggest complaint about the '07 is something you ought to consider living in TX..... on a hot day in stop n go traffic the heat on my thighs was painful enough to make me think I felt blisters raising. The '07s and '08s had EITMS capabilities but you had to have it dealer programmed. Shutting down the rear cylinder at idle when it gets hot is rider-controlled on the '09s & '10s. The rerouted exhaust and underseat heat shields aid in keeping yer jewels cool as well. HUGE improvement over the '07s, IMO.

    The stouter rear end and wider rear tire make the handling downright delightful compared to the old framed bikes. As you might expect, better handling goes hand in hand with a bit stiffer ride. The '08 and earlier frame provided a marshmellowey smooth ride.. which is one of the reasons they handled like (EDIT) and eveybody and their brother has come out with some kind of stabilizer-type Band-Aid for a poor design.

    Money's always a consideration. I really wasn't planning on buying a new bike. But in my case the benefits outweighed the costs.

    Your mileage may vary,


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    I have an 03 UC and it rides quite nice even at 90mph. Does not appear to be struggleing and the RPM's are just under 4k. I think a 6th gear would be nice but in no way see it as a necessity.

    My only complaints for my 03 were the floor boards were too close inward (Extended them out and fixed that problem) and the stock seat is too narrow for my likeing. I am still looking for the perfect seat.
    But - great ride, all the comforts and handles nicely.