loctite 7649 cleaner/primer

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    The manual calls for the use of loctite 7649 cleaner/primer to be used to clean the threads prior to using the thread locker. I cant find this product anywhere here locally. Does anybody know who carries it in east TN? Or is there an alternative product that I can use to clean the threads?
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    McMaster-Carr online. It will ship same day and you should have it next day

    Hope this helps

    Loctite® Primers and Accelerators

    These products are compliant under all state VOC rules in effect on February 1, 2011 (unless noted).
    Primers for Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds

    Increase hardening speed and ensure strong bonds.

    7649™ N™ is for large gaps and temperatures below 59° F. NSF 61 certified for use with drinking water. Replaces Loctite N 764.
    Loctite No. Size Each
    7649 Primer N 1.75-oz. Bottle 7614A16 $16.02
    7649 Primer N 4.5-oz. Aerosol 7614A17 24.92
    7649 Primer N 25-g Aerosol 7614A27 11.02
    7649 Primer N 1-gal. Can 7614A24 210.67