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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by harleynl, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. harleynl

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    just purchased a project bike. It's a 1990 tour glide ultra classic. Have a few electrical problems.... no spedo or tac lights (waiting on new bulbs), horn not working, and rear speakers are putting out static even with the radio turned off. Can all of these problems be connected? She was stored for quite awhile and there was a fair bit of corrosion on the connections that I have cleaned up. Could that be causing all this ?
  2. doctor727

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    You might want to check all the ground connections you can find and clean them. Also, any electrical plugs might need a dab of electrical grease. Welcome to the forum and keep us posted as to what you find.
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    I too purchased a riding project. I have a 1989 FLHTCU that the previous owner did his own wiring. The bike runs real well, but the radio, cruise control, CB and rear signal lights do not work. I purchased it knowing this. I stripped out the CB, cruise control and returned the wiring to the factory configuration. Removed all of the wiring he had modified and will be removing the radio after riding season is over up here. Everything is working now, as it is supposed to. I took my maint manual in and enlarged the wiring diagrams and laminated them. You can not read all the wires, but by confirming what wires you can read, you can figure out the others. Recommend you get a factory manual and do the same.