Leveling kit for Tri Glide

Discussion in 'Trikes' started by georgiatom, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. georgiatom

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    Has any one installed one of the leveling kits on a Tri Glide to raise the back end up to level, and give it more clearance??? Does it work, can you tell the difference in the handling/ride????
  2. trike lady

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    Yes, they do work I know of individuals who have installed them and tell me its an improvement. They all disliked the fact that before they installed the kit, the mufflers would drag when exiting driveways and the trike never looked right with the back end pitched downward, they also got the kit for the tour-pac.
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    I sell the lift kits as well. Yes there's others out there that also sell it. But I personally didnt care for the prices they were charging. So since I personally know the engineer that designed the lift kit. I had obtained the CAD drawing and am now manufacturing the lift kits. Presently I'm asking $108.95 for the Kit. I sell them on my ebay store. I have a new batch being made right now. Ive sold well over a 100 sets and the feed back I get is that the kits give you more clearance between the exhaust tips and the pavement (1& 5/8"). They also improve cornering and your steering actually becomes a little easier to steer. Quite a few riders mentioned that they actually ran 50 lbs in their rear shocks to stiffen the ride so that the rear end didnt sag. Problem with that, other than a stiffer suspension is the exhaust pipes are routed under the rear axle. More air in the shocks didnt address the pipe dragging problem. Now after installation of the lift kit. They find that its a very comfortable ride with only 30lbs of air in the shocks.

    Here's a link to my ebay store,


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    I have them on my 11T/G since 2011, And all I can say is put them on..
    Out side of improving the looks, It will also lighten the steering effort which will make the Trike handle better.
  6. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I installed a set on my '12, well worth it and pretty easy to do.
  7. georgiatom

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    I purchased the kit and installed it ASAP.....It made a big difference in the handling and in the amount of air I had to use in the shocks--down to 30# from 50#....which reduced the harshness in the ride and smoothed out the corners. 'The best thing, though, is the relief of the back pain after a long ride. I'm no longer pitched forward at an uncomfortable angle. I would highly recommend the kit to any one.