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Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by Lawdog314, Oct 18, 2008.

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    :newsmile055: Being in law enforcement, I thought it would look good to put one of my badges over the left fuel tank cover on my road king. Problem was, that would block the fuel indicator. No problem, Harley offers these neat LED replacement caps. $119 seemed a bit much but hey, nothing to good for my baby.

    The installation was royal pain. Directions referred to the shop manual, which I didn't have. After a few calls and pleading with my local shop to reveal which wires needed splicing, I got the thing in.

    WOW, did it look great and worked perfectly, for 1000 miles. Then the lights slowly went out or would give readings that I knew to be wrong. Well, I had the thing for a few months, having bought it for a Xmass present to myself, and my good ole boys at HD said that they only have a 1 month warranty! Thanks a pant load! They also were kind enough to inform me that the LED was "very problematic" and they had no luck with them!

    Spoke to the manager who spoke to someone and they replaced it. The new one worked 100% better! This one got 2000 miles and died. I will NEVER purchase any electronic equipment from HD again. When installing the second one I noted the thing was made in China! What BS!!!

    Anyway, to anyone thinking of purchasing one of these things, DON'T! It is pure junk and you could put $119 to far better use.

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    Had the same experience with the unit purchased for my 2007 Heritage (although without the badge). Not only that, when I took the bike in to see if they could fix it, the technician broke a wire so my reserve light stays on all the time. The light is an easy fix but I have no plans to replace the gauge. I would just reistall the stock unit except (lucky me) I bought the kit with the flush gas cap which is also turning out to be a (edited).
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    I've seen the same problem with a couple guys I ride with. All excided and than after a month or so they had no idea what ammount of gas they had. complained to the dealer and was told no one else was having problems, after a few replament gages they now go by milage
  4. WHM1

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    Worked great for the first couple of fill ups !! Now after filling up, only 6 of the 7 blue dots illuminate. The only thing I am very upset with of all the Harley accessories I have purchased. It is really a piece of crap!
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    as a concern i have goten to diff types of fuel gauges one was the skull fuel gauge with the led teeth that light up. i never had a problem with it. i did later remove it for the the style that lays flat agianst the tank with leds both worked fine no problems knock on wood. i would like to know what style you have boughten.
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    lawdog i think you will find most things harley merchandise is made in china.made cheaply for mass profit . harley dont seem to be worried about image only the dollar
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    I have the Kurayakn LED guage and batter meter. Came on the bike that I got, no problems with mine and it looks great. I do have an issue with the reserve light only coming on when the bike has just been filled, but I gave up worrying about it since the LED guage is dead on accurate (learned that the hard way) :D
  8. M' one.

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    Had my eyes on the flush mounted set but after reading these posts I,m having second thoughts.Sounds like H.D. needs to rethink its quality control or start making things inhouse!
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    When I bought my 02 Heritage, it had the 6 light non flush mount gas gauge already installed. It seemed to work fine. I had the bike in for service for a gas leak from up under the dash and ever since then, it never reads even close. When I have a completely full tank, only 5 of the 6 lights come on and after riding about 80 or 90 miles, all lights are out. I go by mileage.....