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    A little late, but just found this forum. Being from Cleveland, OH, I have my own opinion on LeBron James leaving for the Miami Heat team. Personally, I think the way he handled the who 'press conference' was a bunch of (Edit)
    It also looked like he tanked in the last couple games of the play offs, but what do I know, I'm not making 10M a year.

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    Quite honestly very few people in the sports world thought LeBron taking 1 hour just to say no was really in bad taste, but some sports figures think their riches justify their behavior, but let one injury or misstep happen and he instantly becomes a boat anchor for the team rather than an asset.
  3. ultradoc

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    I am just glad all of the talking about L.J. is over. Everytime I turned on the radio at news time LeBron James this or LeBron James that. UHG
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    He messed up probally will never see his jersey retired, no place to take Grandkids to and show them what a great player he was and see his number hanging from the rafters. Should fire all his support staff for the blunder they caused. But even he should have known how to handle it better!! Wish Mr. Gilbert would not have said anything negative.
  5. dbmg

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    The problem I have with some athletes is that they are very talented, and act as if they are entitled and owed something. The great athletes would probably not be interested in such media attention for it would take away from all the good that they do helping others, and giving back, for they believe that they are gifted, and being a professional athlete they want to share that with others.
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    What I see in the sports world today are many of the highest paid athletes have an attitude of I'm gifted, I'm rich and what I think and say is important. Quite a few of these "gentelman" haven't a clue about how to express themselves and resort to hiring people who only reinforce their "greatness". There seems to be very little good sportsmenship left in the players or the fans. Our youth look up to these athletes and from what I see they are getting the wrong signals as to how to play the game of life. "Give me what I'm entitled to, even if I haven't earned it. Pay me for my potential!" King James acts like the high school brat that he is, he has been hyped so much from the time he was in Jr. high that he believes every word. He hasn't shown the leadership or greatness he is being paid for. In my book he will never be the person MJ, Magic, L. Bird, Joe Montana, J. Rice, Emmit Smith and many more who have proven themselves time and time again, on and off the playing field.
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    As with any sports figure, I feel that their salary should depend on what kind of role model they are and their performance. Children want to emulate their heroes, and if someone is in the spotlight and making millions of dollars and expecting people to pay over $100 for their jersey, then they should be held to high standards. When you blow it, then the sponsors should penalize you. :s JMO

    Players should get $X, then build on their performance. The better you play, the more you make. :D That's how it works for the common folk, should be good enough for them. :s
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    The NBA is just a place for over paid thugs/gangsters to hang out. Haven't bought a ticket or watched a game since the looney toon in the dress played the game.
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    I could care less about this James guy.

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    Mustang27, who is the loony tune in the dress? I am thinking something along the lines of the Harlem Globe Trotters. Now that's a team. Or they were [in the 1970's].