Laconia - June 2011

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  1. israguard

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    Good morning,
    Is anyone headed to Laconia in June 2011?. Will be my first ever event and my longest ride to go/come back. I'll be doing it solo as my Friends talk about going but never do a thing.
    If anyone is going or has gone & is able to share some do's & dont's that would be awesome. I will be staying there for 1 night so would like to get in as much as possible.
    I booked my stay at Hampton Inn & Suites Tilton 195 Laconia Rd as someone told me location is best.
    Thanks in advance.
    Rgds, Shawn
  2. martin14

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    2 nights is better. :)
    Ride thru the White Mountain Forest at least one way, it's really nice.
    The biggest problem I found with Laconia is the traffic, real mess.
    Early bird gets the worm.
    Be polite with the police. When I went (93), outside Laconia all bikes get
    stopped and checked. I dont know if that has changed.
    It's about 6-7 hours from Montreal to Laconia, so pace yourself accordingly.
  3. israguard

    israguard Active Member

    Grazie Martin,
    Wish I could have 2 nights... I'm just happy my Wife allowed me to have the one. Also, glad you told me its 6 hours.. when you go through google maps they mentions 4 hours. Oh well.. even more riding.
    Thanks again
  4. whacko

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    Traffic is an ache in the rear end! One way in and one way out. Definately plan to get into town early! If you show up afetr 10:00 in the morning on a weekend there will be no parking on the strip. Also plan on extra time getting out of town! I rode up from massachusetts early on a Saturday last year to visit some friends that had a cabin rented and left town at about 4:00pm......took me 2 hours just to get out of town. It was nice to be in the crowd of bikes but definately had the wife raising her eyebrows as to why I was so late getting know.....the boss has to be happy too!!!!!!:D
  5. Mainah

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    One night is going make for a busy day. I assume you will be riding in, staying the night and then hitting the attractions.

    If it were me here's what I would do. Get up early (6:30 is not too early), ride down Rt3 Laconia Rd, just before the Weirs Bridge stop at Donna Jean's diner for a good breakfast (you'll need it) then cross the bridge turn right and park on Lakeside Ave. This is the first place for the vendors, bike build off and the HQ is there, walk the Ave and the Drive In and check out the goodies. This is the best place to get Tee shirts and souvenirs. Then head up Scenic Road (the only way out of Weirs) to the Broken Spoke Saloon and park behind the Saloon on the left (or you can try to find a paved parking spot at the Fun Spot just up the hill, left at the lights then park on the left). There are more vendors, bands playing there. If you still want more head north on Rt 3 Daniel Webster highway to Hart's Turkey Farm and Laconia Harley for more vendors, bands and the best turkey sandwich around.

    Of course if you are not into shopping and people watching try to work your trip around the races (believe it or not some people actuality do watch them) The hill climb on Wednesday, bike shows, demo rides and many other events. You say you have booked so you will have to decide what is available.

    Here are a couple of links to the Bike Week events:
    Laconia MC Week
    Laconia Harley

    This will give you a taste of Bike Week, but one day is no where near enough time to enjoy it. If you can, convince your wife to join you and take a few days, she may enjoy it I know mind does. I can't even think of going with out bringing her. There is so much to see and do that you need at least four days. I've been going every year since 93 and still go for at least four days every year. If you decide to stay longer and can't extend your reservation I suggest heading to north Conway there are plenty of rooms there and They hold the Rally in the Vally to coincide with Bike Week.

    What ever you decide have fun and keep the shiny side up.
  6. martin14

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    Google doesnt mention the time just to get out of town ( my guess you're going on the weekend ), taking your time thru the White Mt. Forest, and the border.

    I was living in Montreal when we went, it's a nice ride. :)

    It's a shame they havent fixed the traffic, although I'm not sure what could be done.
    I went to the big rally in Austria, Fakker, in '09. They take the road that runs
    around the lake, make it one way, so you do a big loop, but it works...
    smaller run, though, maybe 100,000 all week.

    2 of my better stories come from Laconia, one with a moose and one with a girl !

    Lost my Laconia93 pin a couple years ago :(
  7. IBA Harley

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    One thing I don't see mentioned... every time I've done Laconia it has rained... be prepared for that. Oh, and since you're from Montreal, you probably know... nights in New Hampshire (even in June) are still COLD!! Make sure you bring the right clothes... warm jacket and gloves plus rain gear, just in case.

    I've made quite a few trips to Montreal... daughter went to McGill.
  8. lowrider09

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    how was the moose?
  9. martin14

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    riding second staggered in the Forest. Through a curve, moose ahead, a big one.. could have ridden under him.
    Buddy in front of me is closing fast on the moose, he has a HUGE backfire,
    so the bike sounds like a machine gun... pop, pop,pop,pop,pop,pop.

    Moose is trying to run, but he has 4 legs going in 4 different directions !

    Almost fell off the bike I was laughing so hard :)
  10. rafreche

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    We (4 of us) will leave from Quebec City on June 15 or 16 (depending on the weather) for a two to three days trip. We go to Laconia every year and we enjoy the White mountains area and we usually sleep in North Conway the first night. Bring your rain coat ! We also like to stop in the Arundel area to go to the Bentley's saloon (Bentley's Saloon).

    The best like the others mentionned is to get there early to avoid the trafic jams.

    Have a good trip!


    2009 FLSTC