Just bought 2008 cross bones with vance and hines pipes on it.

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    new harley owner...

    How can I tell if it has been either flashed for these pipes and or have a power commander type computer on it..

    It runs like a top, no backfiring or anything,, the guy told me the harley dealer sold and installed them for $1000 when he bought it.. The guy had a stroke, and sold the bike to me with only 300 miles on it.. his memory is shot, and has no idea what i mean ..

    so is in obvious when its not done? will it run (EDIT)? have lean pops or backfires, or stumbles?

    it does not of this, starts right up and hauls (EDIT):bigsmiley18:..

    this is my first harley,, seems fine to me.. have had tons of metric bikes, and know usually you will get the lean pop pop pop when coming into a corner or down shifting untill you jet it up a few numbers...

    thanks for any info... tony

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    Piggy back fuelers are installed in-line with the ECM or injector wires. You should be able to see if one of those are installed by looking under the seat or side cover.

    If you find none of those, you can have your HD use Digital Gaurdian and see if it was a Stage 1 flash. Another memeber said you can run it up to the redline and see where the limiter kicks in. If it's up to 6200 or so, you prob have stage 1 flash (can't recall if redline is the same as the 96" touring bikes).

    If it was a TTS or SEPST, you will need the interface and connectors to use it.

    Enjoy the Sporty. Rode mine for 7 yrs and loved it.