It's been a rough couple months

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  1. oldhippie

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    I've had enough of April and May. I'm ready for June.
    End of April my 84 yr old mom had heart surgery. The old gals tough and back in her hometown hospital recovering nicely.
    I have 2 sisters and 6 brothers and my younger bro and wife live within 15 min of mom. The two knew of the surgery and happened to call our 2nd oldest bro to let him know. That's where the communications fell down. I found out on my birthday when he called but that was 4 days after the surgery. So a few days later I managed to drive into the city the following Tuesday and visit (12 hr dayshifts with me being 1 1/2 hrs out meant I couldn't get there within visiting hrs) and my girls managed to stop in too. Thanks to my work schedule I didn't make it in again for almost a week only to find she'd been discharged and back in her hometown hosp the previous Friday. Again the ones in the know couldn't be bothered to relay that little tidbit of info to the rest of us:small3d002:. Oh well, it left us a little disappointed in them but at least the news on mom is good.

    May hasn't work out any better. A good friend and co-worker of 19 yrs ended up in the hospital a couple weeks later. They tried to do dialysis and blood transfusions on him but his internals were shutting down. The specialists sent him back to our area hospital as there was nothing they could do. He lingered for a week before he finally passed. He was only 49 and leaves a wife and two pre-teen kids. He was one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. Always friendly and help anyone in need.

    Then today we had to put our family's best friend and companion down. Our 16 yr old Shepard cross Sadie. The old gal has had it hard for the past year. You could see every step she took was hurting her and the pain meds weren't helping. She'd wandered off a few times this spring when we'd let her loose; something she'd never done before. We figured she was trying to find someplace to die. It took us a while to convince our girls it was the right thing to do and, though reluctant, they could see she was in pain and just not happy. My wife and I were hoping she'd just pass away in her sleep but that was not to be. The vet was over this afternoon and we put Sadie out of her misery. I think she knew it was coming and didn't even shrug when the vet gave her the initial shot to put her to sleep. Something she wouldn't have done before with a stranger. We're really going to miss her:(.

    Ya, I'm ready for June.
  2. Rhys

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    Hey Brother,
    I hear you on being ready for june. I was laid off and finally got a job working at a factory where my father worked. And a week later they fired my dad who is getting up there in age for a very small mistake that was made, that would normaly be a no harm no foul type of situation. He has a lot on his mind because my mother is in stage five of renal-failure. She is doing dialisis at home to try to keep up with what her kidneys wont do. Sometimes it seems to just dump on us, but it will get better. I know what its like to be left out of the loop when things are going on around you. I would just like you to know that you and your familie are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and ride safe.
  3. Dynajoe

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    Sorry to hear the hard times you have been dealing with. May God bless you. I pray that
    June shine happiness and positive vibes into your life. Ride free Bro...
  4. Rubyred

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    Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having but hopefully things will be brighter with June coming. Get on the bike and that will help clear your mind for a little while. Take care!
  5. Bodeen

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    Hang in there. Things will get better. They always do.
  6. Ishmael

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    This is just to let you know that I, like a lot of your other HDT friends, hope you soon see some relief and progress in your situation. Hang tough, better times are ahead. Thoughts and prayers for you.
  7. Iceman24

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    We're here for you - June's going to be your rebound month. Sorry to hear about your mom, friend & family pet. You're in my thoughts/prayers!
  8. Breeze3at

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    Old Hippie; Take heart that you are in one of life's down cycles, and things will turn around. I always enjoy reading your posts, and we're here for some venting and to reassure our friends.
  9. Lawdog314

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    Sorry for your troubles. It really hurts when family forget to info you. June will be better, it's always the darkest before the dawn.
  10. flipper

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    Boy, all that is so sad. Sometimes it just seems like everything is going wrong. I can truly sympathize with you on all points, but the ol' pup passing really is hitting home. We have an old German Shepherd that is looking at the light. She's pretty pitiful, but as long as she can still walk and eat, we will continue to love her........ At least you realize that all this bad stuff doesn't last. I'll put you on my prayer list for a little while.