Is there a breather tube in a 2007 FLSTSC oil tank?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by jkhammer39, Oct 23, 2015.

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    On my 2007 FLSTSC with 20,000 miles, the oil dip stick has blown off twice. Someone stole the original stick, & I replace it with a aftermarket one. The level showed ok after a oil change, but a mile down the road it blew the dipstick off. I think the stick may be different on the fill lines than the factory one. Someone said to look in the tank & see if the oil breather tube is covered. I've looked & don't see or feel any breather tube in it. Anyone know about this?
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    I can't answer the tube question but I'd make sure the aftermarket dipstick has the correct markings for the oil level as the stock dipstick has.

    It sure sounds like your building too much pressure, do you have a working oil pressure gauge? if so what does it read? Are you using a stock Harley oil filter? Have you done any work lately on or around the oil pump?
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    Yes, there is a vent line from a softail oil tank. See #14 in the attached parts diagram. The line vents into the cam chest. The vent line could be plugged but you could be building up pressure in the crank case from head breathers not functioning properly. You need to check out the complete crank case venting system.:s

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