Ireland Bikefest 2009

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    Went to this last weekend in Killarney (300+ miles away for me). Was a great event, billed as a festival for all bikers and non-bikers but I was well impressed by the number of Harleys - must have outnumbered other models by 90 to 1!!
    Great band on the Saturday night (Hells Bells AC/DC tribute).:newsmile048:

    Brilliant weekend but was very disappointed by lack of breakdown assistance available - had immobiliser problem on Sunday morning and whilst I got plenty of advice from other bikers none of it worked and really could have done with some expert advice.:(
    Heard an estimate of 1,000+ Harleys there and local dealer stand on site so surely someone should have thought of providing support - a broken down Harley at the roadside surely can't make for good promotion?! Even our small local rideouts have a support vehicle - think this was very poor organisation.

    Anyway, enough complaining - discounting the breakdown it was a really good weekend. Rode down the east coast and across the south on Saturday, lost Sunday due to breakdown, then rode up west coast and back across to east on Monday - around Ireland in 2 days - pretty good, huh? But not as impressive as my brother-in-law who drove the same journey in one day to bring me my spare key fob down (left Monday morning 0100 and got back Monday night 1900!) - how many in-laws would do that for you?!!

    Was anyone else there and what did you think?
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    Sounds like a great event, and an even better brother in law.

    We have visited Ireland twice in the past ten years, and love it there. Next trip (hopefully next year) we plan on renting Harleys and seeing Ireland on two wheels. There's a place in Naas that rents at pretty reasonable rates, but I have to say that riding in traffic on the left side of the road has me a bit concerned! We've done it in a car, but never on a motorcycle.
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    That's one way to get the brother-in-law to join you! :) Sounds like a great adventure.