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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Mike.Salvatore, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Mike.Salvatore

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    Has anyone applied or have someone else apply "3M Invisible Mask" to their
    HD? I have a 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited and was thinking of having it applied to the bike to protect the paint. Any thoughts with pros/cons and will it detract from the bike at all? It is easily removed but will it be something I will regret putting on?
  2. turnerbend

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    Why do the paint need protecting? Just wash as need and put your favorite wax or whatever on at least once a year. My 07 Ultra looks real good with factory paint job>>>>...
  3. Mike.Salvatore

    Mike.Salvatore Member

    I saw the product online... Was looking to protect my truck (occasional tailgater) to prevent the road chips to bumper cover then saw they have HD kits. I never tailgate on the bike an was just thinking it could protect the lower front facing painted surfaces. I'm looking for some feedback from anyone that has used it just out of curiosity.
  4. Breeze3at

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    I used a similar (cheaper) product on a couple areas of my bike on the Sturgis trip. I used a magnetic map holder on my tank and was worried about clouding the clear coat where the magnets held. i also used it on the sides of the tank where my knees grip (old dirt bike rider). My stuff came in sheets and I had to cut it to fit. A novice like me, doesn't know how to cut it to fit curves, and it gets bubbles. It did protect the tank from magnet and knee scuffs as the film was cloudy in those spots. It was noticeable to even a casual glance. I got a nice stone chip on the fairing where I SHOULD have used it, but didn't. :( It peeled off easy, but left an adhesive film that was very hard to get off, even with WD40, Goo gone, etc. I'll use it again on flat areas.
  5. Webbtron

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    Might be to late but that 3M adhesive remover is great to get that residue off. I got mine at an Auto Paint supplier, used to remove masking tape residue on new paint so it is safe as you can get. I used it to remove the gunk after I took off the decals on my tow behind air compressor, before I sanded and painted.