Im lucky but the last 3 days

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  1. mat 60

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    Start by saying best wishes to those who have lost love ones and there homes because of the storm....My wife and I were lucky to have only have lost power for a few hours..Two trees fell and shingles came off the roof so I have been very bizey...What is funny about the whole thing is we lost cable tv and internet for 3 days and I was going through withdralls....:)
  2. T wrecks

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    Good to hear you weren't affected too badly Mat. Do you know how Bar Harbor weathered the storm? We were there in 2003, lovely part of the world.
  3. mat 60

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    Thanks man. Im not allot of help there because I have been shut off to the world until this eve..I will say the CMP woman said the coast didn't get it bad..Wouldnt you no it that 2 weeks ago we decided not to get the news paper delivered anymore ..
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Glad you are OK after all that mess, I can relate to no internet:s
  5. horizonchaser

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    Glad you're okay and only lost your power for a few hours. Here in my neck of the woods in Massachusetts we only got our power back on as of yesterday! It had been off for four and a half days! :( Oh man! The things that we take for granted and don't know what we have until we lose them. It wasn't fun getting up in the middle of the night in the pitch dark to go to the bathroom. Actually, at my age, I get up in the middle of the night so many times that I can practically do it blindfolded! :D
    When all is said and done, at the end of the day, I got to appreciate the good fortune that we have compared to the way people have lived throughout time.
  6. mat 60

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    Boy I was lucky...I two need the night light on..:)..Im glad you are ok also....You are very right about how we need to appreciate what we have...That could go for a lot of things

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Mat...glad you survived! No HDTalking for 3 days is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h glad you and your family are okay. One bad 100 year hurricane could ruin more than a few days. :newsmile04:
  8. gator508

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    Glad you made it through with relatively light damage and everyone ok. Looks as though it's going to be out turn this weekend on the Gulf Coast, mostly a soaker, hopefully!
  9. R_W_B

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    Hope you didn't get any of those floods up there. Water is a very destructive part of those storms. I imagine the building codes are less strict up that way so wind could cause more damage.

    We've been without power for 2 weeks before down here in Florida in 2004 when 3 hurricanes hit our area within a 3 week period. You learn to make do, pull out the camp stoves etc. Lot of clean up work. Can be kinda of exhausting sometimes.

    Glad you're ok.
  10. fin_676

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    As from time to time here we do get some extreme weather i have been without power for up to 4 days
    i have 2 generators and i keep 40 litres of petrol on hand which will end up in the wifes car if not used
    i have 2 x 13kg gas bottles 1 for a gas heater and 1 for the gas stove
    large generator will power fridge and freezer router and laptop as the phone lines are under ground they always seem to work