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    installed the gen 3 on bike starts up runs good but low idle .called dobeck said to adjust with unit.keep pressing mode untill it all goes greem and then adjust the idle from there. all the pods dont go green . there closed now hope can get answer here or ill call when they reopen .was hoping to get an early morning ride in before itgets into 90"s
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    The mode you will want to adjust is the Green mode or mode 1. This controls the fuel at idle. Pressing the mode button on the Gen3 once should bring you to this mode which will have either 1 or 2 LEDs flashing Green. The Mode button can be sensitive and at times will jump you to the 2nd mode or yellow mode. Simply press the Mode button repeatedly to navigate through all the modes which after the 6th mode will bring you back to the first mode.

    Suggest to increase the Green mode a full light setting which should bring your idle up.
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    It just takes a few tries to get used to the light touch required to cycle through the modes. Be patient and keep trying!
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    turned the green mode down to 2ligts on and throttle came up a little .turned down the 4th pod to clicks and the popping got less but it always popped . the deaaler did the a/c and exhaust for the police so iam guessing they remapped it.thats why i had to turn the pods down to get better idle purly guessing on my part

    patients is not one of my best qualitys . ive got it down to 2 idle just a little low probally just gonna readjust a hair up if i can get to the screw .it was always i little low but not like this
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