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    Last week I was on my way to NAS Pensacola for a week for work. I was on a two lane road with two cars in front of me heading into a left curve with two solid lines. When a car and I believe was a scooter going the opposite direction when I saw the scooter come into our lane. At first I thought that he had went into the curve to fast and was going to hit the truck in front on of me (the first vehicle of the two in front of me). The reason I thought he went to fast was because he kind of zipped back into his lane but, then proceeded to pass the car that was in front of him. Meanwhile, he had three vehicles coming in the opposite direction of him. Short version, basically he passed between all the cars in a curve. At first, I thought for sure the truck was going to have a new hood ornament. I am still amazed that they passed like that. No appointment or whatever is that important to ride like that. All I could say was, Wow what an IDIOT!
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    A few years back a group out of Pensacola were arrested at the entrance to I-10 Bayway for doing 140mph+ down the interstate. Makes me wonder about some of the riders from that area, if they have a death wish, they were all crotch-rocketeers!