I can remove the ignition switch without the key

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 67wizard, Nov 7, 2012.

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    If I turn the bars all the way to the left and turn thr ignition switch all the way to the left and push up on the little tab under the switch I can remove it without the key being in their. Harley shop said they replaced the complete switch housing and the key housing but I can still remove it just like before. Any ideas whats wrong. Bike runs just fine forks lock like their supposed to,
    but if you don't lock the forks the switch can be removed and you bike can be rode off.
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    I have an 03 flht and in my book there are 2 different steps for removing the switch. One is for domestic bikes one is for export bikes. Make sure you are using the right steps. I used the export steps and I think I had the same problem you have.
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    As I read this he is not having a problem getting the switch off it comes off by just putting the switch in the far left position and depressing the tab under the switch. Is this normal? I understand that if the swich is in the left position and locked with the key he cannot remove the switch. As I never leave the bike with the switch unlocked I guess I don't have a problem and if you leave the bike with the ignition unlocked anyone can start the bike without taking the switch apart right? Now I have really confused myself!
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    I have seen the movie and Harley said they replace the switch and the housing, but I have the same problem. I guess back to the dealer again.
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    Just checked . Mine does the same thing & I always thought I needed a key for this. Learn something every day.
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    Wizard; At 1:40 of that video, he says if the lock is not inserted in the correct position, the tab won't align, and the lock can be removed without the key. Could that have happened to yours?
    Here's a link to a video that the guy thinks removing the lock without the key is a factory design flaw on his Road Glide.
    Motorcycle Security: Why you should lock the Steering on a Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycle - YouTube
    I have been messing with the lock on my '07 Electra Glide for a couple of hours trying to figure out what's up with yours to no avail. I think my index finger has a permanent dent in it from the button.:D My lock will not come out without the key in it, no matter what I do. It comes out e-z, p-z with the key.
    Please keep us updated on this.
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    Thats about what happens to my bike.
    Off to the dealer Monday to see what they say
    about this problem.

    Was at the Harley shop today advising them that I can still removve the key houseing without the key. They didn't konw what to do about it as they replace the complete housing and switch. Well I ask if they tried ant other bikes and the reply was, no So I ask to try another bikes key switch but was turned down. I finally got one of the mechanics (sp) to ty another bike any low and behold on a new 2013 sitting in the service bay he pushed the little button under the switch and out it can. You should have seen the look on his face. He said we need to contact Harley and let them know they have a problem.
    Now the waiting game starts.

    Final update.
    Shop talked to a tec rep and was told if you turn bars to the left and the key to the left, push the little tab on the under side the housing will come out out. I think its well aI can't say it.
    I think I will check with another shop and see what they say. Lock your bike with the key, other wise the housing might disapear.
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