I am psyched, this week I get my J&S lift & V&H FuelPak..

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by RidenChrome, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. RidenChrome

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    I've got an '09 Fat Bob CVO, Screamin Eagle that I recently put on Vance & Hines big radius 2 into 2. Surprisingly it runs great without re-tuning but am looking forward to installing the Vance & Hines FuelPak 61005A made for my bike and pipes for the added performance and sound (any tips appreciated).
    Anyone who has done this, how will it affect the sound? Is it just an idle thing where it will idle at a more consistent rpm, ie; hotpotata~hotpotata~hotpotata.........(ole school harley tune)

    Also, had looked for three months for a used j&s jack to no avail, and when you do find one most people want near full price so I bit the bullet for a new one and looking forward to using it.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Your bike is going to thank you for the added fuel and respond a lot better, the sound will be louder but the Harley thump will still be there:s
  3. Admiral Nelson

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    I hate you :D I'm really envious. I want that pipe for my Street Bob but the recession it getting tough and work have tailed off. Post pics and full report on how the fitment went and the enhanced err acoustics :D
  4. mnultra

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    Good choices on both the J&S and the Fuelpak. I have both for my Ultra and really like both products. As for the sound, I can't really say. I did my pipes and the Fuelpak at the same time. The install on the Fuelpak is super easy and I hope you like yours as much as I do mine. Enjoy!
  5. SteveA

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    Good luck with the performance mods you are making to the bike. Sounds like a great setup.

    I have a J&S jack and do not regret the money I spent for it. I used mine to lift my '07 FXDL up to store it for the Winter. It is as steady as a rock and easy to move when needed.

    If you have any questions, issues, problems, give J&S a call. They have great customer support skills. The reason I suspect that you cannot find any used ones out there is because no one wants to get rid of theirs!