Horn isnulator bushing

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    Ok guys here's a little ditty. I bought a different horn for my FLHTCU and while replacing it I broke the insulator rubber for the horn as it was all seized on......no big deal so I thought but when I went to Harley you have to buy 3 of them as they come in packs of 3 for $50.00 CDN incl tax....WHAT???? So being an old backyard auto mechanic I simply bought a 1 3/8 expansion plug used in the automotive industry to repair a rusted out frost plug on engine blocks made by Papco ($6.95) from your local automotive store. I also bought a piece of 5/16 ready rod NC $3.00 Home Depot cut it to size and put an extra lock nut on the back! So easy to do and so much cheaper!!
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    I am so sorry for that, it will never happen again!:small3d023:
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    Nice. Got a pic of the results?

    Rich P
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    Your post sounds interesting but don't know the year of your bike or the part number on the insulator your talking about. If your talking about part# 69123-92A, it must be something your dealer is doing to it's customers because I have purchased those in quantity of 1.

    As RibEye said,,, Got any pictures of the results. I can't imagine we are talking about the same part (# 69123-92A) because the MSRP List on that part is only $5.58... Yes I know parts cost more in Canada but $50 for (3) seems like scalping to me.
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    Very creative, got any pictured, it might be worth posting in the members tips section:s