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    Meet Lawrence!


    Tomorrow I have the privilege of escorting him to Washington DC to see his memorial and many others. He is a U.S Marine and served in the south Pacific during WWII with landings on Bougainville and Okinawa. We are traveling with 85 other vets and 68 guardians through the Twin Cities Honor Flight program. If anyone has the chance to do this, you should. Thank you Larry and all other service members for what you have given us!

    to learn more or sign up to do this follow the link. there are many other Honor flight programs in other states. this is the Twin Cities one.

    Honor Flight Twin Cities
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    Thats awsome
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    I was in DC for Rolling Thunder the week that the WWII memorial was dedicated. I spent a great deal of time at the memorial talking to the WWII vets. It was amazing to listen to these guys talk about their experiences.

    Way to go Marcus. Be sure to update us after your trip
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    That's a fantastic thing that you're doing!
    We just celebrated 'ANZAC Day' on the 25th of April-a day to commemorate and remember the bravery of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in World War 1 in particular; but also in every other theatre of Battle since..

    The population supports the day enthusiastically (and so they should) ;our Service men and women march through City streets;there's parades,Wreath laying ceremonies and a lot of recollection-both good and bad.

    However,this year in Brisbane,our Army troops were not permitted to wear their decorations because apparently these can only be worn with ceremonial dress which includes shoes---

    However,their ceremonial dress shoes FALL APART WHEN MARCHED IN!!. Can you believe that-Here's our Armed Forces NOT being able to display their hard won and rightfully earned Medals -whether they be Campaign or otherwise-because some penny-pinching idiot didn't think they were worth a few extra dollars.

    What a travesty! What an insult.
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    Those Honor Flights are awesome and one of the best methods of paying homage to our war heroes/veterans. You're doing a great thing and these war vets will never forget the trip - thanks for supporing the effort!
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    My dad was on a Honor Flight from Chicago. They treated those men like royalty, and they were. Each of us family members were to write him a letter to open during the flight. He wore all his medals proudly. He never talked much of his exploits, but he couldn't hide his multiple scars from bullets and bayonets. To the GREAT people who work with this program, I salute you. Oh by the way, pops was 1st wave Omaha Beach.
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    Way to go Marcus22. Glad to see these guys getting their due recognition too.
    Thanks for posting.
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    We usually have 6 or 7 honor flights a year from our area and I think it is a great thing that we can do for our vets. I've never had the honor of going on one of these trips but I always try to escort them home with my fellow riders (sometimes 250 of them) and its a joy to see the smiles on these vets faces as they get off the bus. Thanks Marcus22 and to all you vets out there.:D
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    Well, the day went great! it was a long day and let me tell ya. those old vets are so proud and humble. most wanted to to walk everywhere even though we had wheel chairs for them. it seemed they had more energy then the guardians. It was nice to see random people come up to them and thank them for what they did. I will never forget this day or Larry. here are some pics





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