Hogtunes Hog Pod

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Nitrocrushr, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Nitrocrushr

    Nitrocrushr Member

    I just installed the Hogtunes Hog Pod on my 2008 Ultra Classic, and I was very impressed at the additional clarity I was able to get. My existing system was the Hogtunes 6-speaker system with an amp and it was already an awesome system, but the Hog Pod was a nice addition and really helped to bring out the higher frequency sounds.

    It was super easy to install and it fits the bike like a glove:D


  2. captkirkis

    captkirkis Active Member

    I have not got them, yet, however a friend of mine has the Hogtunes 6-speaker system and the Hog Pod, and, it sounds AWESOME! When I get the money I will be doing this to mine as well!:D
  3. dhorne

    dhorne Active Member

    I have the 6 speaker hotune set on my ultra , I am extremely happy ,easy instalation , and awesome sound , will be looking into the hog pod
  4. DavHJ

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    I also put the "Hog Pod" on my bike and in my opinion it is well worth the money. I all ready had the "Hogtune speakers" and the sound was just OK but with the addition of the "Hog Pod" it is now way better than OK it's great.
  5. hoggy25

    hoggy25 Active Member

    I ordered the whole hogtune system including the Hog Pod. I installed the Hogpod but am holding off on the 3 way for freeway (other 6 speakers) because I have an 09 FLHTCU and even though the big box everything comes in says 06 and up inside the smaller boxes it says they are 914.2 speakers for 1998 to 2005 models. I am waiting to hear from hog tunes right now before I install them. It must have been a packaging error is all I can think of. Do any of you know if it's safe for me to install the 914's in place of the 902's? I want to ride but don't want to burn out the amp.
  6. buddybr

    buddybr Active Member

    I installed the Hog Pod and the two fairing speakers on my 09 Ultra, no amp and the rear speakers are stock. The sound is awesome and very much improved. Clear as a bell, even at 70+ mph.

  7. hoggy25

    hoggy25 Active Member

    Got the reply from Hogtunes and they said this kit was ther right one as the their amp supplies power to the 4 front speakers (6 counting the pod) and the bike radio now supplies power to the rear alone. All fronts are more than 2 olms and the rears remain 2 olms. JFYI. I can now hear the radio on the freeway. The highs from the pod makes a big difference. Bass still needs help but what can one expect from such small inclosures?