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    Here's something interesting. My first Harley, a new '09 Nightster, only a week old gas for the first time! No problems... the pump clicked "off" like it should. Squeezed it once more to make sure it didn't click off by accident, and the pump again stopped. Great... full tank without spilling any all over the place. 65 miles later the Low Fuel light comes on! :eam I figured I'd have at least another 40 miles before that happened. So with fingers crossed I made it back home, which was closer than a gas station. Any thoughts?
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    Can not tell you about this model, but I do have a question, "pump clicked off" does that mean, like on a car you stuck the hose in the tank and let it fill until it "clicked off"? On all my bikes I've never done that I hold it will filling and at the same time I can see how much is in the tank. My old bikes never had a light to tell me low fuel or even a fuel gage. How many gallons did it take and how big is your tank would be a place to start looking.

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    Nite sir...welcome to HDTalking...and yes relying on a gas guage or fuel warning light is really a leap...uh...of faith. I would go with filling gas up to bottom hole restrictor, where you can see it, over fill so just above is okay too. Zero the odometer and run for around 90-100 miles...then fill up again to the same level, hopefully reading the amount of gallons with accurate digital fueling pump. Check miles and divide by gallons and you get the approx. fuel mileage. If your fuel light comes on at 40 miles again just note the mileage when it happens. You may have to take back to dealer to have them adjust it more accurately.
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    Thank you both! I think I need to NOT rely on the automatic cut off! Appears to be doing a great job at what it was designed for. I'll "eyeball" it from now on.
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    You could also try getting one of those filler caps, McCuff (McCuff®) or Harley sells one too. I have the Harley one (believe it or not it was actually cheaper and my wife got it for me as a gift). Works well, you can fill up and mostly rely on the click off. I usually watch the gallons to make sure they are in line and still look in as well.

    Overall, I like to use it, just makes it easier and does prevent spills well.
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    Additionally, you're breaking in a new engine so mpg's will be a tad low until she loosen's up. Make sure you follow glider's new engine break-in recommendation (30/60/30) & next time sit on the bike while filling to make sure tank's level. Look inside to see fuel level & leave some room for expansion (if parking soon). One poster recommended the tank top gas filler - works well for not spilling on tank. Also, welcome to the forum & enjoy the new scoot!
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    I know on my RG that if I put the nozzle in all the way and wait for the auto cutoff, than pull the nozzle back to the first hole in the the filler spout it will take another 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon. Since the tank is right on top of the motor I always look while I'm filling the last part of the tank, you can't trust all the auto cutoffs in Fl.!!!

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    MY WAY

    I fill my tank in a Religious manner.... I start by placing the Cap where it will Not Fall and dent...
    I place nozzle into the tank, About one inch below the inner hole, Holding the nozzle touching one side, not letting loose of it or leaning it for hands free (never) .. Leaning against the seat with my thigh for a non wavering effect from Start of gas flow to Stop of gas flow. COMFORT is a must!

    I SLOWLY start the gas flow,,, Going to Medium flow THEN back to the SLOW side to see HOW SLOW the gas WILL flow... NO surprises that way.. I visually LOOK into my tank while filling and go slow(remember I tested speeds earlier so I know How It Runs) then Slow and Stop when it reaches the Top opening... I NEVER Talk or Look around while filling the petrol..... NO Matter who or what,,, STOP Filling tank to Talk or LOOK or answer..

    IF you DO over fill the tank,,,, Careful with language,,,Else Glider will give you an "EDIT"....:bigsmiley20:

    Oh yes, put the cap back on!

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    OK, here's what I did today. Changed the oil and filter (a trip to the HD dealer to get a couple filters) as I wanted to do the 30/60/30 break in, although I discovered it late. It had 160 miles on it so hopefully I didn't wait too awfully long. Maybe the motor will last another week or two! Running it from 30 to 60 in 3rd gear is a trip though! That alone is scary. Hope I didn't screw anything up. :bigsmiley21:Can I assume it's fairly well broken in? Now I'll check mileage with a full tank! Thanks again all.
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    Welcome to the forum. For me it really took a while until my engine was "loose" and felt broke in. 2K-3K for me until it coasted a little when you turned it off.

    The fuel thing is a science in itself. I myself have a thread from a year ago on this topic. Bottom line for me: I have a 4.8 gallon tank. The 30 mile reserve light comes on when I have 1.7 gallons left in the tank.

    It seems like everyone's is a little different. When I replace my fuel filter I am going to form the float arm so it is more accurate.