hitting the frame????

Discussion in 'FXR Models' started by craiggerhd, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. craiggerhd

    craiggerhd Member

    just wondering if anybody riding an fxr has issues with hitting the frame on the road when you are riding 2 up?
    falling in love with the fxr ,but need to ride 2 up every so often

    any feedback appreciated, thx guys
  2. gator508

    gator508 Senior Member

    Have you tried adjusting the shock preload, had the same problem on my 1200until I stiffened them up. Good luck!
  3. craiggerhd

    craiggerhd Member

    thanks gator, i ride a FXDL right now that we have the problem, even with the shocks set to max height/stiffness, i am looking to change bikes and was wondering if the FXR's act the same, not ready to go to a bagger.....
  4. Breeze3at

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    Hi; Just to make sure we have the models right. You are considerinig changing from an '05 FXDL Twin Cam, to a late '80's to a mid '90's Evo (except for the special editions made later) FXR? Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to know.
    What part of your frame hits? I have scraped mufflers, but not the frame on my FXDC.
  5. KennedyFXR

    KennedyFXR Member

    I'm lowered 2" all the way around, and the only problem I ever have with rubbing is I'll occasionally drag my pipes, or my front left peg on the forward controls.
  6. murf

    murf Active Member

    Stock clearance on a FXR is more than a FXD by design. All things being equal you should be better off then. The FXR was designed to handle first and do everything else second. I have had forward controls on my FXR and my '06 FXD and it sure feels like I am leaning more, at times, on the FXR.
  7. craiggerhd

    craiggerhd Member

    hi guys, and thanks again for the replys, yes i am looking to change to model that will not hit, mostly we are hitting the rear left footpeg bracket, and also the bottom of the case has a large cooling fin that looks like it is made to take the hit, i have carved some good ruts in the asphalt with that baby, all standard for the FXDL's according all the forums i have read.
    the stock clearance being higher should make the difference in hitting or not, my FXD handles really well, i can only look forward to a bike that handles even better
    if you guys are cruising with your oi' lady on the back and not having issuses hitting, other than some pipes, that is what i was hoping to find out
    thanks to you all

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Can't "change" much the actual contact areas...but stiffening up the preload with proper spring rates for forks and rear shock and possibly raising the bike a bit will go a long way to optimize bike for 2up riding. Getting a new bike is drastic, but you know a bike MADE for 2up riding would be a better...albiet more expensive way to go...as the FXDL is not really a 2 up machine with margin for touring bits when you start packing for the long haul. I ride my Sporty 2up once in awhile, but no delusion that it is a seriously 2up touring machine...no excuses here!