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    Finally drank the HD Kool-Aid. Grew up around them... and went and bought my first bike in 1980... a metric. Been riding metrics ever since and finally decided it was time to join the club. So yesterday I went out and bought a 2008 Deluxe Anniversary Model. Rode it 200 miles home and today I have to take Ibuprofen. ugh. The stock seat has GOT to go! Seemed like I just couldn't get back far enough and by the end of the ride my back was killing me. Thinking Corbin might work... but not sure anything will work if the position is bad. Any comments? Any other women about 5'6" drive a stock Deluxe?

    Other than that... I think the Kool-Aid was a long time coming and shame on me. My family has finally started talking to me again! ;)

    Any comments/suggestions/ideas... welcome. Oh... and straight shots or big radius?
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    Welcome to The Forum, check out Motorcycle Seats - Mustang
    exhaust is another major choice, I would suggest sound bites and or local bike hang out and check what others have:D
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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