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    I'm looking for a boyfriends Soft Tail was messed with Sunday evening. He is pretty certain sugar, water, or something was added to the gas tank. He says the bike is ruined. His exact words were; "its (EDIT) up." I don't know enough about bikes...hence my reaching out to you all. We just had an oil change done and she was running beautifully. The insurance on the bike lapsed and we are up a creek without a paddle. Is there anything that can be done to save the bike or is it done for once the gas in the tank has been altered? Any information would be helpful at this point. Like I said in the beginning I am looking for a miracle this holiday season. We have no idea who would do this or why the bike was sabotaged in the 1st place. Thank you for reading.

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    You have to start with the basics. If this happened all of a sudden and you think that someone has put garbage in the tank then you 1st need to start and drain tank. Then start over with fresh gas and see what happens from there. Why would boy friend make the assumption bike is blown up???
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  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Did he run the engine before he noticed it was tampered with? If so what is engine doing? If the engine was not run do as dbmg suggested, drain tank and add clean fuel.
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    Drain the gas, fill with fresh gas, change the oil and filter. Run a compression test on the engine
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    Sugar in the gas doesn't ruin the engine. It just makes it stop running, maybe clog the injectors. Follow above advice for draining, flushing & refilling tank.
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    Sugar does not dissolve in gas. It remains in its original form, like sand
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