Hello from Austin-ish, Texas!

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    Just joined the forums and wanted to say hi. I'm a disabled vet (or as I prefer to say, "Dented, not broken":) ), live in Pflugerville, just outside of Austin. I run a small firearms biz from my home and try to enjoy life as it comes at me.

    Back when I was a traveling consultant nerd, I did some work for Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee for several months. It was awesome, in a way, working in the original building with other folks that were doing their best to continue the transformation of HD (this was back in 2000). Many folks there had weathered the bad times, and were determined to not only make the company great, but continue to make it a unique and proud brand. I'm glad to have made a small contribution to it (I worked on "supply chain stuff" -- you'd be amazed how many parts manufacturers all over the midwest contribute to your motorcycle).

    During my time there, I always had to walk through one of their large warehouses that stored a lot of "valued trade-ins," motorcycles from every year and model that were in outstanding condition and were mothballed for various reasons. Hundreds of H-Ds from every year, covered in a fine layer of dust. *Sigh*. Since then, I had the bug to get one for the longest time, but just never had the opportunity (read that: "Cash" ). Last month, I decided that I deserved a nice bike for my 50th bday (which happens to be today, yay me), so I sweet talked a nearby dealer into a 2012 Road King. I slapped on some Heritage handlebars and replaced the speedo with a newfangled speedo/tach unit to make it unique (ok, the stock RK bars are too low and I couldnt' read the odometer with the stock speedo -- too tiny for my eyes).

    Anyway, that's me. I'm still working on mastering this bike at low speed (Ride Like A Pro is my new friend), but I _love_ going out on my RK :D
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT and Thank You for your service!
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Happy birthday! And welcome to the forum. I highly recommend the basic rider course offered in your area. No matter if you're an accomplished rider or not, it's a great learning experience, not to mention the discount that some insurance companies offer if you complete it.
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    Oh yes, and as previously stated, thank you for your service.
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Road King! Great story about working for HD. And, thanks for your service!
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    Thank you for your service!

    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.