Headlight Retaining Ring Removal

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    Some Ideas here are surely welcome !
    Not sure what type of aluminum bullet type of headlight I have, it looks a lot like a Rivera Primo Mighty Magnum or a similar version from Headwinds. It was on the bike ('07 FXD) when I got it a few years ago. I believe the recessed ring has to spin off but not sure how. The allen set screw is not there, but trying to use friction from my fingers, I have not been able to spin it for removal.
    I'm first asking if that's how the trim ring is removed, and if so, are there any ideas on how to get it removed. If I spray a penetrating oil I then won't have any friction to spin the ring, also do't really want oil on/around a headlamp.

    I look forward to any ideas.
    Thanks !
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    Q: How do I remove the Bezel from the housing?
    A: Remove the set screw located on the bottom of headlight housing. Attempt to unscrew bezel by putting one hand at 3 o'clock and the other at 9 o'clock then turn counter-clockwise with some force. If that does not work, spray with WD40 and allow time for lubricant to wick between the threads. Clean off all the WD40 on external surfaces of bezel and housing. Wear latex gloves to provide additional grip. If it still won't loosen try tapping it with your hand, then repeat initial step.
    This is from Headwinds Faq page
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    Thanks, Some how I couldn't find the info on headwinds site.
    It's a bit what I thought. Much Appreciated!

    Thank You !