HDI Turn signals 2014 FLHX

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    USAF (ret) living in Northern Japan. Have a 2013 Street Glide (U.S. domestic). Before registering in Japan, had to swap rear turn signals to HDI (Japan/international). Also had to purchase facia converter model. The HDI turn signals have red tail lamp/stop lamp; however, have amber turn signals built in. Worked great on my 2013. Tail lamps illuminate when ignition turned on. Stop lamps illumnate when front or rear brake applied. Amber turn signals illuminate ONLY when turn signal switches are pressed. Tried to install the same facia converter module & turn signals on friend's 2014 Street Glide, and the amber turn signals illuminate when front or rear brake is applied. My 2013 has 7 wires going into the facia module. My friends 2014 also has 7 wires, but the colors are different... Is the wiring harness for 2014 different from 2013? Or the facia module? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Bill Tuttle, MSgt, USAF (ret)