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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by peddler, Dec 6, 2009.

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    When I selected the color of my '07 Ultra I went with Vivid Black. Three reasons. 1. I like black motorcycles. Not my favorite color but I have had a few black bikes. 2. No offense to owners of other '07 colors, there just wasn't an '07 color that I wanted so I bought black thininking I could always have the color changed. 3. Of course the most obvious, black is the fastest color.

    My master plan was to buy a 2011 as a 60th birthday present but with all the work I have put into my '07 and with only 7600 miles on it I'm thinking about keeping it longer. So that leads me to my question. Anyone have their Ultra repainted a different base color and if you disassemble and reassemble the bike yourself, how much? I know this is a real broad brush stroke kind of question but I'm interested in any info you can make available.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I was going to have my 1996 EG repainted, I was quoted 2400.00, that included tour pack, bags, tank, fenders, and fairing, now that was me tearing it down, the guy that was going to paint it does really nice work, that was only a single color with a nice flame job. Nothing fancy, but excellent work.
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    Have you taken the new frame for a ride? I had an 07 ultra. I test rode the 2010 and it is some improvment over the 07. Bought the 2010.