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  1. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    Well, i heard today that Harley is at it again to reduce cost. Here in PA at the York assembly plant, a few months back, they came in and told the union and employees that they cost to much, and if they didnt take pay cuts and reduce benefits, they were shutting th plant and sending the jobs to KC.
    When the union reduced cost, Harley came back agin and said it wasnt enough. They wanted "temp workers" who would not be part of the union, or have benefits, and have minimal pay.

    Now, they are doing the sme to KC.. Article is below.
    My opinon, Union busting, and corporate greed.

    Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Inc. needs its Kansas City manufacturing operations to become more cost-effective or it will move them to York County, the company said this week.

    Harley makes engines and transmissions in its home state of Wisconsin and assembles its motorcycles in Kansas City and Springettsbury Township, where it has its largest manufacturing site.

    There are “significant cost, efficiency and production flexibility gaps in the Kansas City operations,” according to a statement late Thursday from Harley spokesman Bob Klein.

    The motorcycle maker told midstate workers in 2009 it might move their jobs elsewhere to save costs but decided against relocation.

    Harley instead is closing one of its two local plants, cutting hundreds of jobs and making other structural changes after members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 175 ratified a contract with concessions.

    Harley made similar statements to Wisconsin operations earlier this year.

    The company expects to make a final decision in Kansas City in the first quarter of 2011, Klein said.
  2. Hoople

    Hoople Account Removed

    If you ask me, their overhead is WAY out of line. Do they really need 30 different model bikes for 2011. Totally unnecessary if you ask me. Sure it's nice and pretty but it is going to drive them into the ground. They are trying to fit the needs for every man women and child on the planet.
  3. RUSHMORE_14

    RUSHMORE_14 Junior Member

    well said.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Corparate Greed is what brought AMF to there Knees
  5. Dr.Evil

    Dr.Evil Junior Member

    Contract labor is the wave of the future. I am currently searching for work with two technical diplomas but no degree, and all I can find is contract work. They think they can use you up and discard you when the job is done. They forget that they spend time and money to train you and ultimately you will become an asset. Then goodbye, and they start all over. It's a phase of business that makes no sense. They just don't want the labor on the books. Even co-ops have become popular as well, but they don't possess the experience.

    Wow I was working on this post and Jack snuck one in, I am all fuzzy now
  6. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    You right Dr Evil, contract workers, so they use you, and you have to be exclusive to them, little to no benefits, and they can cut their ties so they dont have to pay you retirement.
    I keep thinking of all our fore fathers that built this country living simple lives with nothing, and proud to go to work.

    FYI...Nobody is faster than Jack.:s
  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    The Boss is remember he has 4 hands and is always watching:newsmile100:
  8. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    I meant Fastest in the south :s
  9. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    HMMMM, maybe the oldest and most crippled, fastest er ah yeah my bike is pretty fast:newsmile100::newsmile100:
  10. 06rdking

    06rdking Banned

    maybe , just maybe, one of these days the working class will get fed up enough to shut everything down and take over this country. as a selfemployed owner/operator I wonder why we need the MIDDLEMAN anyway. I sure dont need anyone telling me when or where. and I can do that awful paper work , meet with customers or what needs to be done all on my own. if it were not for greed there wouldent be a ceo or co or assistant to the vise president ,or any other (EDIT) position anyways! jmho!

    Please read this...
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