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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by airforceacop, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Hi all, just a couple of questions about latch hardware kits....what's everyone's opinon OEM or after market? I recently found a deal for a set brand new 2012 vivid black hard bags on ebay for 360 bucks, the ad claims that they were take off's for a trike conversion. I currently have A 09 RKC, so I scooped up the bags. they are as advertised brand new ...it was a great deal in my opinon, but now I'm on the hunt for the latch hardware kit, and locks...just wondering if any has order the after market kits, and now regret it or do they work just fine...


    I have the roadking classic chrome rail guards, do you think they'll still work with the new hard bags?
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    I would advise to vist Harley shop and see if you can get the locks keyed to match your ignition. It should not be to hard especially if the bags have come with everything, then just changing the lock should be a snap...:s
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    Replacing latch covers are an easy job to do with basic hand tool and torx bits. They only problem I see would be the locks, but as stated by DBMG above you can get them matched up at the HD shop. The main hardware if you do not have it can be found on ebay to customize them out is just a matter of swapping the outer cover.
    Good luck and be safe.