Hard starting; t-map sensor

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    If you're experiencing "hard starting" ... the engine kicks back hard and fails to start ... the engine starts in limp-home mode, or if your engine has simply quit running, then restarted ... this may help:

    The Temperature-Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor is placed in the inside top of the intake manifold ... it's a little doodad you might not ever see if you're not looking for it. Over time, the T-MAP gets covered in oil ... really covered. It may be oil from your K&N oiled filter, if you use a K&N, but more likely it's "puke" oil from the top end that gets drawn into the intake for combustion.

    A can of carburetor spray and an old, soft toothbrush are all you need to clean the T-MAP. Spray it thoroughly, then brush it lightly with the toothbrush to get all the oily crud off. This can really make a difference in engine performance and may be the "ultimate solution" for most hard-starting problems.

    It worked for me. I pass it on for what it's worth.

    Your results may vary.
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    You may have inadvertently cleaned the IAC port and got the results claimed.:s


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    The IAC port: that's exactly what I cleaned. Thanks, Three Six.