Grrr!! Rough afternoon!

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    Well it started out to be a nice day. Rode my bike to work. Everything went well this morning. Didn't get cut off even once! (i'm a trucker). Then noon arrived. Air line bracket broke off back off my truck. I was tying them up with rubber tarp straps when one of them let go, took the hook off top of my head. There were several very descriptive words after that. Small cut and large bump and tenderness. Left work early cause I was a bit grumpy now.
    Then it happened. Road construction during night has pavement ground and stripped off. Was stopped at at a red light with 2 cages in front of me in right lane. Light went green and traffic began to move. First car got bout 1/4 way through intersection then decided to turn right. But there were pedestrians so they just stopped. 2nd car had to slam on brakes which in turn caused me to grab a handful of brake. Now here's where things went wrong. I also inadvertently hit the rear brake too, but too hard. Locked up rear wheel and slid sideways. Was just about stopped and thought was ok til wheel stopped sliding and over I went. Didn't get my foot down fast enough and went down! Luckily I was only doing about 20 k/mh. Guy in front of my helped pick up bike, asked if I was ok, then continued on his way.
    I got Really lucky the guy behind me stopped, but then drove around me. Got the bike off the road to check for damages. Cut on my hand, twisted ankle and back. The bike got really bad scrapes on exhaust, foot peg and mount, mirror and brake lever.
    I got away with "minor" damages but am still pissed. I know I'm lucky that it wasn't worse.
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    I'm glad you're here to tell us about it.

    A guy here wasn't so lucky. I 21 y/o guy decided to run a redlight, driving a Dodge Ram pickup, and center punch him. They flew him to the hospital but he didn't make it

    I hope you heal up quickly.
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    You done good. Believe it!
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    + 1 :s
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    Glad you weren't seriously hurt.

    We were in Newfoundland last week bookin' it back to Port-Aux-Basques to catch the ferry back to Nova Scotia. About 15 miles out of Port a couple of teenage girls of maybe 15 yrs on an ATV came up on the side of the road (Trans Canada Hwy). We were about 200 yds away and could see an oncoming small Jimmy approaching closer to them from the opposite direction. From what I could see the girl did a very cursive look both ways. Then she did what shocked both my wife and I. She pulled out into the path of the Jimmy. Lucky for them, if you can call it luck, the Jimmy driver hit the brakes and, because the girl wasn't accelerating hard, the Jimmy connected with the front wheel of the ATV. We'll never forget the sight of those two girls being catapulted through the air like rag dolls and slamming into the pavement.

    They were both wearing helmets but no other gear. The ATV riders did not suffer any life threatening injuries but were bruised with the ATV driver having a gash on her leg and a cut on her forehead while her passenger was only bruised. The driver kept apologizing to her friend saying over and over that she didn't see the car.

    A split second faster and they could very well have ended up with crushing injuries to their right legs or if there had been another vehicle following close behind the driver or passenger could have been run over as they both landed in the middle of the hwy. Someone was watching over them.
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    Sixpack: Glad to hear you are ok. Thank you for posting it. The bike can be repaired and you are here to get er done. Way to go!
    Rick kc2htv
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    Sound like a rough one, get well.