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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by rdemeritt, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I have on 04 Heritage Softail that my fiance and I love to ride every day we can. We're looking at ridding from So Cal to Sturgis this year and making a 3 week road trip out of it. My question is... Anything above 80mph brings a lot of vibration in the bars, the foot boards, the seat etc... to the point you're about numb after 40 miles. At 70mph we can ride all day, but 80mph not so much without a lot of stops.

    Can I reduce the rear sproket/pully size to decrease RPM at higher speeds? If so, does Harley sell a smaller sproket or do I need to go aftermarket?

    I know I'll lose some hole shot power by doing this, but plan to offset this with a cam, port and polish, new exhaust, intake, etc... which should give back any low end I lose.

    Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated

    Thanx :)
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    Welcome to the forum rdemeritt, I know this is a pricey solution, but a six-speed gear set for the trans would be the way to go. One of the members was writing about the great deal Baker was offering at Sturgis last year,
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    Another option that you might want to try is a product called the Vibranator. It goes into the handlebar and cancels the vibrations. Here is a link to an article I saw in Thunder Press. The Vibranator . I Have tried one myself yet but will probably get one sooner or later.

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    I may be wrong but I can't imagine the RPM difference from 70 mph to 80 mph is that much and would make such a dramatic difference in vibration..
    Are you sure the vibration is not coming from a wheel imbalance. 10 MPH with a wheel imbalance can make a huge difference.
    I have a feeling you going to say you already checked the wheel balance and it is OK.
    What type of balancing machine was used. Also, are your wheels laced?

    On the front tire it is easy to use a wheel spinner and buzz it up to 80 mph and see what happens.