Geezers Trip to see Bubbie

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    Are You Kidding?

    Both Eyes (were) Needed... They headed Back Via the Grand Canyon.
    (too cool for bikes n Kim)
    then up through Monument Valley via 191 to Moab, into the mountain-valley's to see all the Cathedrals imbedded in the Mountains there... They nighted in Wyoming, now off for Montana... I'm Rubbing in the WARM temps we have had here for their Long Ride-About .
    Took them to Many places Ron has been before but Kim never... She was a great gal to bring along. IF Not for her, Ron would have wanted to put on his heated gear and Watch me Shivvvvvver going North to the Temps below MY used-to comfort zone... IF we went to the Canyon (too cool for me)...
    As it was;
    He went Via Truck n Bikes in tow, on his way back to the FROZEN North...

    With a Warm Truck Heater blowing to Regain REMEMBRANCES' of Az's. Warm Temps I'm sure they are now missing... SAD......:oops:

    Signed ....BUBBIE
    Sounds like they had a good time Eh

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    Don't forget to LOOK at "Members Meeting Members"

    More there...

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    I don't see members meeting members anywhere
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    found it
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    I once a few years ago almost had the opportunity to meet Geezer on one of his southern excursions but things just did not work out. Have talked to him numerous times on phone and it was always a treat when answering phone and he was on the other end. I would ask him about the cold in Canada and his reply was that's why they make heated clothes. I would bet that even though the bikes were trailered he still road thousands of miles visiting here.....
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    I met Ron when he rode down from Canada to Minnesota for Jack's sons memorial, heck of a guy.
    To bad I didn't catch up with him on his road trip to see BUBBIE.
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    geezer is the ONLY rider I know who Rode his Harley Down the Back-side of Portal, about 30 miles of Dirt n gravel n rocks... It is a Steep Jeep/quad/dirt-bike trail/road. Lot of dirt bikes Don't run it unless really Dry... Yes it was Dry for geezer too... BUT On A SHINNY HARLEY?

    I asked him? If he was worried about getting a Rock in his belt...
    He replied. "Never saw one Small enough to get in there"...Eh...

    He did that Ride Out of Portal two years ago on his First visit here in SE Az. I have done that road in a Jeep using 4 wheel all the way UP and Down... Never on MY Harley... About 30 miles of it is Dirt/Big Rock n plenty of Holes...

    It has a Nice Little Paved almost two lanes in from the East side going West... I always go out the same way I come IN..... Paved...
    You have to go into NM (Rodeo area) to get to the paved road going into Portal then Back out on paved road to NM again. From Az. to NM then to Az. then to NM to get out on pavement. Crazy area for sure and a Touched Canuck to take the LONG CUT back.........Lol.....

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    I would have gone up to the Canyon and Monument Valley on the bike but I would have had to go by myself. Some people think 35 degrees is too cold for a bike. Don't know why, the roads were clear and no salt anywhere so it would have been a nice FRESH ride.
    It's hard to beat electric heat, even on a bike. ;)