Gas Tank Problem?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ProF, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. ProF

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    The other night I ran out of gas on the road. Bike died. Started it, it ran a bit, then died again. I was able to do this 3-4 times, enough to get to a gas station.
    Now here's the strange thing. When I started out, I looked at my speedo, said 97 miles. So I figured I had plenty of gas. I usually go to between 150 or 160. When bike ran out, the speedo said 117, which was about right. Then, when I put gas in, it only took 3.9 gal. In a 5 gal. tank. Something is wrong with this picture.
    I've read about the pinhole in the fuel pump hose, but this was different symptoms. Or could the hole just be lower in the tank??
    Any ideas? It's an 06 Heritage fi.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Bet you answered your own question IMO
  3. HarryB737

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    Sure sounds like the problem you describe. Might be worth a look-see inside the tank.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    As Smitty says, if there are no DTC codes...fuel starvation due to pin holes or cracked or defective fuel pump housing may be the culprit...checking codes costs nothing. Those hoses are rather tricky rascals to get out and replace, replacing gasket and grommets takes time and a bit of change...! :)
  5. ProF

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    There are no codes, and I haven't listened to the pump sound yet, but it looks like I'll be getting some more use out of my extended warrantee! I'll just have to bring it in and let the dealer sort it out. I've always had trouble with the low fuel light coming on at half a tank, anyway. Maybe they can fix that too. Last time they said they did, but obviously did nothing, as the problem didn't change a bit. It's just a hassle to get down there, and then have to leave the bike, and then go back to get the bike..... I'd rather do it my self sometimes.

    Thanks guys. I'll post an update when I have one.
  6. Bud White

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    Check the tube but also the front cross over tube under the tanks they clog same thing happens
  7. wilks3

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    I've read about this numerous times with different HD bikes having same problem. Is there not a one time fix for this??? Surely somebody can come up with something better.
  8. ProF

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    I was looking through a couple of old posts and realized I'd never posted up the results of my tank problem.

    The problem wasn't any of the above. The real issue was that the nozzle goes so far into the tank that the auto shutoff goes off too soon, and even though I'd lift it up some and pump a bit more, the tank was still close to a gallon short of being full.

    Now, I use a metal nozzle clip that stifles the autoshutoff. I carefully fill the tank to the brim, and more problems. I'm putting in the full 5 gallons and getting around 32 mpg around town. That's a bit low, but I think I need to adjust the TFI a bit. Better that than fuel line hose problems.

    As to the low fuel light coming on, I'll just wait until I need to get to the dealer and see if they can bend the sender unit, or replace it, or something. Under warranty, of course!
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    That's just awesome! Funny stuff!