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    Wondering what you guys think of the Nightrider XIED’s and VIED’s fuel richener. I’m New to EFI and just got a 2011 Limited and thinking of installing the VIED’s. Friend says this is the way to go? I may do slip ons and air cleaner
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    Check out dobeckperformance.com and electronicjetkit.com. Their products are the most user friendly and will do what you are looking for. I'm sure others will chime in on this.
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    I agree with jdaws on using a TFI. At most your air/fuel ratio will shift by .3 of 1 ratio point using Xieds.. That is not enough. If your 2011 has Cats, that is something to also consider. Flooding them with fuel is not good.
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    I tried XIED on my 07 Dyna, They are now sitting in a drawer in my garage. But my bike now has TFI from Dobeck and I love it. Hope that answers your question.

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    On my 09 FLHR, I went full stage one (air - exhaust) then installed a TFI from Dobecks (site supported Here)..

    I recently installed SE 255 cams and I adjusted my TFI #1 pot Down a little and I was right back into the SWEET zone ... I get 40/42 mpg and NOT running Lean.(.)

    I like the TFI because it is easy to install, and adjustments can be made with a small screwdriver...

    TFI installed DOES the job that is needed, Stock or Modified bikes ...

    Harleys come WAY too lean right off the showroom floor(EPA). TFI will Correct that condition..

    My 09 ran really Hot and too Lean from the show room like all do.

    Installing the TFI reduced the High Heat from being LEAN.. Now My Bike RUNs totally different from the stock bike i bought from harley.

    HDT Members get a Good Discount from Dobecks. Other discounts MAY apply IF ? USA Military or First Responders.. Call to their OFFICE to check before you order..

    The TFI unit runs about the 260$ range and are Less when you get the applied Discounts......:D

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    I also am a very satisfied owner/user of a TFI unit. Simple to install and set. I hear their tech support is very good (I haven't needed it), and they monitor this forum and respond quickly to questions. Also give Military and forum members discounts.
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    I have a high flow air cleaner, V/H bigshots and a Dobeck (beta gen.III). I later installed Andrews 37H cams and all I had to do was retune with the gen.III. The electronic jet kit is their latest offering. The unit is plug and play and the tech support is the best!
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    You can make a bid on their website, which I did, Dobeck countered and it beat the regular HDT discount on my particular year and model. It was commented that discounts reflect inventory so maybe that can work for you. I've only used it for 300 miles but it was running hot on a 37° day and it is nice and cool now. I am factory stock.
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    And be tune able for future changes to pipes and air cleaners:s