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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by mat 60, Apr 9, 2011.

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    :(..I went to go on my first ride today and got all geared up, big smile on my face looking forward to trying my vance and hines big radi pipes and VH feul pack and stage one air cleaner....Also a new bare bones solo seat and ..Iinstalled 4 in pull back rizer so here I go..I start the girl up to worm it up...Its 50 out..,Give it a little gas and every time I crack the gas it spits and sputters..Im not happy :( I never made it out the driveway..So I changed plugs,nope...So I took seat off and made shore my feul park was programed wright,and it was .Checked all wires and prongs inside fuel pack and ecu plugs. I ended up taking feul pack out and bike ran fine..So thair goes 250 or so down the drain and I still need to get something elce..I bought it in November when I put my bike up..I dont think thay will take it back...What do you guys think will work well to give it more feul and how much does it cost..I am not doing aney motor work.. I did go for a ride and OMG :small3d031: It was great,,Went to the HD shop and bought myself a HD hat :D.My bike feels so much better this year...Sorry so long post.I do love to ride
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    TFI Discounted - Harley Davidson Community check this out
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    As i am a carb guy and only know enough about efi to know i dont want it although through the is forum i have heard of many members that are very happy with the tfi or gen 3 if you call them and tell them you are a member here you will get a discount if you are a vet you will get a further discount as they have their own area of this site any queries can be easily resolved

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    Thanks guys....Its just money :D..Im going to call on a TFI monday..I hope it installs eazy..Im not a bike expert like you guys.:) Looks like I need to get under tank....
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Great tech support and plenty of guys and gals here to back you up Good Luck:s
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    Dobeck Gen 3 240.00 free shipping for hdtalking members, ordered mine thursday and it comes programmed for the stage 1. If you read enough of this forum you will find most people on here has one and is very satisfied.
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    It's so easy I did it. Man hands under the gas tank is the most difficult part. Mention this forum, and military service if you had any, for a discount. Out of all the things I have done/bought for my FLHT, the TFI is right at the top.