Fuel filter shell again? (sorry it's long)

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    I recently (May 2011) had my FLHT (bought new, with stage 1, security and V&H slip-ons and now has 16,500 miles) in for a recall on the fuel filter shell:


    Previosly (last year) I had it in for an intermittent stalling problem and they checked for codes and found nothing. It did it once more just before the end of the season but I didn't take it in.

    It had been intermittently (2-4 weeks between each time) stalling (always while on the hiway) and I found the above info and the dealer replaced the fuel filter shell. It was fine until today. It was in the morning (8:30) and I was cruising on the hiway (~ 75mph) when my bike all of a sudden dies, no engine power. I was in the middle lane with cars on both sides so it was fun trying to get it off the road safely but I did it. The power to the CD player was still on but the engine was dead. I tried to restart it, no go. I then turned the switch off and on, and it started it no problem.

    I stopped at the dealer on my way home and they gave me the could be this, could be that routine saying it may not be fuel related but rather electrical. I advised that it was reproducing the exact same symptoms as before, so I thought it was likely the same fix. I made an appointment (they can't get me in for about 10 days and want to keep it for 2 or 3) and they advised if it happened again to try the horn to make sure there was indeed power to the bike. I re-told them that the CD power is on so the power shouldn't be a problem.

    Tonight I changed my oil and did a test ride after. About 13 miles in, at about 70mph, it dies again. Same situation to restart it. When it died and I got it off the road (luckily the car wasn't too close to me) I tried the horn and it honked o.k.

    Is it possible the replacement fuel filter shell is also defective, or is it maybe something else? Thanks.
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    Have you checked battery cables on both ends for clean and tightness????
    Might want to check for fault codes in computer system. this link will explain how: Click on link Harley Davidson Community
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    Why don't you pull the stuff out of the tank and inspect/replace it yourself. For all that time they want to keep the bike, it is worth doing it yourself for just the cost of a new fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, new gasket and screws.

    Just MHO.

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    I remember a fuel filter shell recall on some 08s. How long does it take to get a rudimentary part correct? Did yo buy the machine from that dealer? If so, I'd see if they can't bump up the priority for warranty work on one of THEIR bikes. They do want you back as a repeat customer, don't they?
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    Check to see if the fuel line is kinking between the gas tank and the fuel injectors.
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    No I haven't done the contacts as I figured it keeps power through out so it shouldn't be a problem but I guess there's a first time for everything. Thanks for the tip. I haven't checked the codes yet. Its been nice and hot the last 3 days so I've been racking up the miles. I did about 420 today and no problems which was nice.

    Oh, I bought it from them, but they won't bump me up because "they're sooooo busy". Maybe its from re-doing previous repairs :newsmile04: . Do they want me back as a repeat customer?, some days I wonder. They're usually good to talk to but actions speak louder than words IMO. There is another dealer but I don't know anyone who's used them, they're on the other end of town. I may call them and see if they can get me in sooner.

    That's possible, I just would think it would be more consistent. I'll have to have a look. Thanks.

    I tried cleaning the battery connections and unfortunately it made no difference. Hopefully it will prevent something in the future though.
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    pull the filter shell out of the tank and inspect pay close attention to the black base the shell attaches to I sent two of these to moco they are supposed to be redesigning this part so they say if it is warped or egg shaped let them know,now for the fix 135.00 for complete tank cap assembly they dont sell that piece seperate
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    I still haven't checked the codes yet but I did check/clean the cables but it didn't make a difference. The benefit was I now know how to get at the battery on my bike and maybe it will prevent some other issue someday.
  9. FLHTrider08

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    So I had it in for the appointment on the 8th. It died on the way to the dealer while on the hiway. Needless to say I wasn't impressed as it was morning rush hour but I was able to get it off the road safely, re-start and get to the dealer. So I get there and tell them what happened. They had it for 1.25 days, and of course "couldn't reproduce the problem". I told them it likely wouldn't reproduce the problem in a test ride as it was so intermittent. They checked it, said it was fine, and advised the fuel pressure was 60PSI which is in range. And then they charged me 0.5 hours labour! Any suggestions on what to do next? Should I call the MOCO? Its still under extended warranty so I wasn't too excited about having to pay for it especially since its been in before for the same issue (they replaced the fuel filter shell on a re-call).
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    Does it happen when you shift or let off the throttle for a sec or while shifting or is it at consistant speed?