Front Brake / Wheel Noise

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by rcroff, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. rcroff

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    09 FLSTC. Just installed new front tire, Stealer mounted and balanced, I installed back on bike. At low speed and possibly at high speed, I get this high pitched noise. It does disapear when I apply pressure to front brakes. THe dealer handed the mounted tire back and claimed it did not need any weights...very suprised! I had it on a long ride today and did not notice any shimmy. Is it poissible I have a bent rotor or did I screw someting up putting the caliper back on?

    Help!! I have a 3 day trip scheduled to leave this coming Tuesday
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Remove the caliper and check pads and hardware, lube hardware and lube the back of pads with Napa Sylglide or Anti sieze see if that helps
  3. rcroff

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    Thanks, the Slyglide did take away the noise from the front brakes, However, I still think my front caliper pistons are not retracting like they should. WIll have to do a caliper maintenance like GLider suggests in other posts
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    Get some brake cleaner spray and clean the pistons all the way around with the red plastic tube. Use a shoe lace or braided string and clean around the pistons. Use the brake cleaner spray too. Once thoroughly clean, retract the pistons all the way into the calipers, install wheel back on the bike and then pump the brakes to extend the pistons again into contact with the rotor. Bleed the brakes using enough fluid to flush the system at least two reservoir volumes worth (two volumes after the fluid is clean new fluid at the bleeder).

    See if that works to eliminate the symptoms you are experiencing. Let us know.