For those that forgot tomorrow is Valentines Day

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    I wrote this for my ol lady. But just in case some of you forgot about tomorrow or don't have a clue as to what to give your ol lady. Then copy/paste the following story I wrote. The least that could happen is that you won't get locked out of the house!

    A Biker's Valentine

    The wind swept the leaves across the mountain roadway. Twisting and funneling as if lifted with spiritual entities. Some fell short of the mass they were once part of,... only to settle and lay for a moment in the silence that nature shares with those that have learned how to listen.

    Within this silent setting. The few leaves that remained where they landed. Laying ever so still, sensing an unfamiliar resonating vibration. One out of the norm and yet inviting as the call of the wild. With the feeling of an oncoming change. The leaves are suddenly lifted and scattered. Some finding new places to settle, while others fly along with the draw of the wild that passes through them. The wildness peaks in sound with each increment deployed to slow its change and quietly rolls to a stop.

    Within the golden array of changes, set in motion by mother nature. Stretched out as far as one can see towards the setting sun. With it's magnificent folklore and the base of it's belly just starting to touch mother earth. Sending it's rays of light across the fields and enlightening everything in it's path.

    Setting there within this pristine space in time. Slivers of sunlight illuminate and scatter on the water's surface that flows along this foremost view that unfolds in front of this nomadic biker and his gypsy woman.

    She hugs him and asks if this is their first of many sunsets together. A smile comes to his face, only to be replaced by a soft spoken answer. This may be our only one, for the creator placed our paths together. Tho He knows the beginning and the end of everything. He gives us what we need. What takes place in our moments together, is what we make happen. He then places the kickstand for the setting and exits his saddle, standing there facing the setting sun. He turns to look at her, watching how the sun's rays shine upon her hair and all things by the Creator. She calls him back to her. But he resists the moment and turns toward the setting sun. He starts to descend down the embankment, away from her. Till he reaches the water's edge. A mystique feeling allures him out on the stones that have formed a passage for crossing the creek. Half ways out. He stoops down. Allowing his hands to reach down in the clear pools that reflect the moment. She hops off her place from the saddle and walks to the edge that he descended. Watching him, with the curiosity of a child. She calls to him. Though he heard her, he just keeps flipping small flat stones in the water. Looking for something, she asks? Still no sound from him. He stands up, holding and examining a small flat stone that he held in his hands. He turns around and looks up to her standing there. Raising his arms in the air and looking up passed her to the sky. He gives thanks to His Creator and then while holding the stone he found. He says to her, remember,... that it's what we make in our moments together and that our creator gives us what we need? She answered him, with a yes; full of curiosity. He starts to make his way back across the stones that led him to what he was looking for. Starting to climb up towards her. His footing gives way and he slides back down to the base of the embankment. Laying there. He doesn't make a move. She calls to him. Are you alright? Still no sound or movement from him. In an instant, everything can be fine and in another instant, what was,... may never be. With that fear, that one can be overwhelmed with. She drastically makes her way down the slope towards him. All the while calling his name and starting to feel the presence of a loneliness that she felt before their meeting. She dropped to her knees next to him and turned him over on her lap. Moving the mud from his face and while holding him, saying,... Please,....oh please,... tell me your alright? He opened his eyes slightly. Seeing her silhouette against the colored sky of the sun setting in the background. He murmured, are you my angel. No silly, she said, with a sigh of relief that he was still with her. She smiled and then asked why he had such a hold of that flat stone he took from the creek. He then said, while cleaning the mud from it, wiping it on his jeans. This is a special stone. She took hold of his hand and looked upon the stone. He said, this is an Indian love stone. One that was formed and shaped by the laboring of an Indian brave from long ago. It was shaped by the brave's hands, to form a heart. As an offering of his love to his Indian princess. His chosen princess would take this stone and after giving thanks to the creator. She would wish upon it and toss it in a pool that lays at the base of a waterfall. She said, I knew of such a thing as the Indian love stone, but didn't know you did. In a low soft voice he answered. There are many things I'm aware of. I've enough to fill my life time and yours as well. He then proceeded to get up to his knees, to kneel with her. ow, ow, ow he sounded off. She asked him. Are you ok? With a slight smile and a look of pain inside. He said, I'm afraid that there may be a chance that something's broken. Again she sounded off in a worried state of mind,... asking,.... what's wrong, where do your hurt? He shushed her a little and said, worry not my love. For it is the answer you give me that will determine if my heart is broken forever... With that said. He handed the love stone to her and asked, " Will you be my Valentine?"

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    Are you sure you are not a writer also???:s
    Very nice.
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    Thanks for posting that, it was a good read.
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    Thank you for the comment. I suppose I am. But really Im an artist and over the years of airbrushing for others. When I explained what I came up with as an idea to paint for them. I had to paint a picture in their minds eye.
    As I did with that story.

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    Thank you Steve, I'm curious if I may have helped other riders from staying out of the Dog House today. lol