Finally found a awesome bike!! 2005 Roadking

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ron1978, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. ron1978

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    i went to stealership today and walked by a 2005 roadking decked out.
    it has touring package leather rear trunk, vance hine, duels, fuel injected, mustang front and rear seat, 2 tone windshield, cb/radio, tons of chromed add on's cruise control, new tires, floor boards with lights in them, miles 27,000 and asking $12,000, after about 30 minutes got it down to $11,200
    and that was lowest they would go.
    i have my 2000 sporty forsale in classifieds if you know any that want a good bike, mines like new . best lookin sporty in my town and at every run i do i get people talking about my bike to others, please help me sell it so i can get the bike i mentioned asap!, thanks

    what you guys think of that deal?
  2. Drumrguy

    Drumrguy Account Removed

    If you really like the bike why not trade it in, I know you will not get as much money but you also will not have to wait for everyone to show up and then wait for them to get the money. Take the little hit and move on to a bike that you want. Just my 2 cents
  3. harrly

    harrly Member

    I hope you can work out your wishes on this one. Just a heads-up. On the 05's there was an issue with the valve seals/guides. Some of them had a habit of making quite a bit of oil mysteriously disappear.
  4. ron1978

    ron1978 Active Member

    on alot of 05 models, or some?? is it something that you get fixed, or just live with it?
  5. roadkingjohnny

    roadkingjohnny Member

    sell your bike then show them some dead presidents ,that tells them you mean business and say 10,500 on the road.if its not yours leave
  6. Iceman24

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    ron1978; If you're happy - it's a good deal! RK is a nice UG from Sportster & be prepared for the added weight w/touring class.

    Good choice on not letting the dealership steal your Sportster - spring's coming & people will be looking for 2-wheelers. Get the bike on Craigslist too - I've had good luck w/them & enjoy the new ride - you'll be pleased w/the added comfort!
  7. Jonas

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    Sounds like a good deal. How are the cb/radio mounted? Are they mounted in a fiberglass fairing? If so that could easily be a 2500.00 upgrade.

    With 27,000 you should ask the dealer if anything has been done to address the Cam Chain Tensioners. If not try to get them to upgrade to the new style tensioners setup. Or at the very least have them inspect the exiting ones for wear and replace if needed. They will know what you are talking about.

    I hope you have good luck selling your bike. You will love the RoadKing
  8. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    Congrats on bagging a Roadking. Having owned three I have said before, it is my FAVORITE HD model. It is everything I like and don't like in a motorcycle.

    Your buying scenario also sheds like on the subject of what is going on in a certain area of Harleyland...