figuring a trailer into possible cam upgrade

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    I am about to have the SE cam plate/oil pump/cam tensioner upgrade done to my 2006 EGC, I am at 30K miles and I don't want the tensioner issue making me loose sleep at night. In the next couple of years my wife will have more of a chance to go on longer rides once my youngest daughter leaves the nest. We are looking at a trailer to help transport gear. In talking with a couple of friends at work they suggested that since I am going to upgrade the cam plate and tensioners that I may want to change my cams because I would need more umphf because of towing the trailer. The TC88 is stock with Rush 1.75" baffles and a Ness Sucker and I am useing a TFI to tweak the fuel.

    Did any of you that tow trailers upgrade your cams? If so what cam did you use. My friend at work suggested the 204. I don't have the SE catalog to look up the particulars. What are the thoughts on doing the cam upgrade? Also, if I upgrade the cams can I still use the TFI to adjust the EFI?

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    You can still use the TFI with cam upgrades. The 203 would be a better choice in the SE line because the 204 comes in a bit higher. You would need more on the bottom end like the 203 would give you towing a trailer. I would contact the cam manufacturer and ask them their recommended cam in this situation. The more info you can gather will help you make the proper decision.
    As Hobbit said,the stock cam will work well also, it's just that you will get a bit more replacing the cam.
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    Glider is right on with the 203 over the 204 but if you are changing cams, the Andrews 21 might even better choice for your application.
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    I went with an andrews EV23 (Evo cam) because I wanted something with more torque since i am a big guy. I have been satisfied with the Andrews and would recommend t heir product to you. As someone else suggested, contact the cam manufacturer or your wrench to determine the best choice for your application. You'll enjoy having your wife ride with you and a world of adventure awaits both of you.

    Ride safe

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    I did the roller chain conversion on my '99 Ultra and went with Andrews 26N cams. I don't pull a trailer, but the difference in the performance was really noticible. I also have the Big Sucker and TFI along with a set of V&H slip on's. The 26N's come in at about 1800 and are done by 4500. The Andrews 21's come in a little lower, so that might be a better choice, but regardless, this is the time for a cam upgrade.
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    I bought an 00 RK EFI new, did the stage 2 BBK, SE racing pistons, SE 203 cam & SE slip on muffs, and have a power commander as well Had this done when I bought the bike new, because I had the same idea as the OP. The dyno said I have 88 HP/89 ft lbs torque, so I don't even know what a stock RK feels like. It was SCAREY fast when I first got the bike. STill is too. I have been extremely pleased with my engine build (told the dealer what I had in mind, the above mods were their recommendations) and it worked for me. The bustech weighed ~125 lbs, would carry 125 lbs of cargo, towed like a dream (you knew it was there starting out or stopping but that was it) and 2 up. I used this set up on interstate and two lane roads, in the mountains and FL & GA, always had plenty of power. My 203 cam hits about 2000-2300 (guessing here as no tach on the bike), below 45 mph I keep it in 4th gear (near the bottom of the power curve, and don't run out of the power curve until about 70 mph in 4th gear. Check out Joe Hinton, he is the guru on modding an HD motor to get good solid power from the engine, and my 203 cam is right in line with his recommendations about the intake/exhaust valve opening durations to get good smooth, dependable power w/o tearing an engine up or having to work on it constantly. I have never turned a bolt on my engine other than normal maintanence. I have considered getting a new bike, but I LOVE my motor so much, I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. I'm thinking I read where the SE203 is no longer available, but the 204 is similar. Any cam with the correct valve duration numbers will serve you well.
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    For quite a long time I used my 1988 Tour Glide Classic to pull my wife and I and a trailer with camping gear with no problems. Now an EVO has less hosrse power than your twin cam but I had no problems with my stock cams. Since you are going there any way. I would follow up on Glider's recommendations. Fossil