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    Just bought new softail fat boy 2013 103 371miles on it, An I started hearing a metallic clicking sound when I revved it alittle in neutral or with the clutch in. Took It to the dealer where two mechanics listen to it and said nothings wrong with it some do it some dont. Had a street glide new come in with same problem an Harley Representative come to see it said it was fine nothing wrong with it . Anyone else hear about this or have this issue? How can some do it an some dont an it be normal?
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    I don't know how to break the news to you but a 45* vtwin, air cooled, odd firing, pushrod motor is going to make some noise. Allowing for manufacturing tolerances, some motors will make more noise than others.

    Having said that and not being able to hear the "metallic clicking" I cannot say that the noise is symptomatic of a problem. Make and post a video recording and let's hear the noise.:s
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    Could be a bit of lifter noise, What oil are you running? Air cooled V Twins are a bit noisey from thermal expansion nature of the beast