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    A while ago I was replacing the stock speakers with Hogtunes and noticed that all four support brackets were broken. Here is a pic of one of the upper supports that run vertical and both were broken identical. Well instead of spending way to much $ from the dealer to replace them or buying a repair kit online I decided to make my own. For a grand total of $24.00 I have all 4 repaired/replaced. I bought the two that go out towards the speakers as they were $10.00 each out the door at the dealership and I spent $4.00 on the parts to repair the vertical ones.

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    Great job Mike, do you have the part number of the angled ones and did you get the vertical ones from the local hardware store (any part numbers for those)? Might be very helpful for later post up on self help tip section.
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    Looks great Mike. I've had to replace them in my last UC, but so far, no problem in the 09 yet.
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    they were updated to relieve the stress at the bends and are better supported now, they changed in 08 i think. so you wont have any dramas on your 09
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    Mike; Nice job, was it small shelf brackets that you used?
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    I had the same problem last year on my '06 Classic. One of the things I learned was that its better to use angle so the bottom of the angle holds the old bracket up, otherwise the whole fairing will drop slightly causing the radio to hit the bottom while your riding making the CD's unplayable (you can see the three pic's on the thread I posted last year). So if that happens to you, get off the scooter and give the fairing a good push upward from the bottom and see if that works for awhile. If it does, you may need to do the same thing.

    It's definitely a defect as my new FLHTK has the bottom angle all the way around under the fastening tab. Much better design.
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    I repaired the right horizantal brace on my 07 with one I made from 3/32 by 1 inch material, this part is on hold at HD and currently not in stock in my area. The one I made is working fine and probably get made at my friends machine shop to have spares if needed by friends.
    The HD design is way too weak.
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    Yes, small L brackets and I drilled the holes out larger to be able to fit larger bolts throuth and the the stock one that goes to the inner fairing. I will take a look at the package if I still have it or measure them for size reference.