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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by glider, May 10, 2011.

  1. glider

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    This is a new slant on things.

  2. Porter

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    A couple of months ago it was limited to 10 years with a mileage limit you had to be under to initiate the plan (no limit after) as well. Now they have added another 2 years.....interesting.

    Perhaps it is a way of moving supplies of used HD's....
  3. dbmg

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    Around here a couple of dealers are selling their bikes as Certified with warrty.
    You maybe correct. I am surprise that Harley has not done this sooner like Lexus or Mercedes and promote it.
  4. y2kflhr

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    it seems like a really good idea, I have had more stupid warranty issues with my 09 ultra than any other bike i have owned and I only have 2.5 years left on the extended warranty, my next issue is a leaking stator plug which seems like a whole bunch of dealer dollars!!
  5. Porter

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    It depends. Bottom line is that they are offering this as a profit center. As such, HD expects to make a profit or it would not be offered. The fact that they are extending it by 2 years (already) seems to indicate that the model was initially a bit conservative and they are going after a larger market share. Especially with fuel prices pushing the thought of riding a fuel efficient vehicle, large used vehicle stock piles and warmer weather approaching. So, based on the HD product line, what typical use the majority of HD input, the info from the test you have to pass to qualify for ESP Approval (which is very intersting), they plan to make money.

    The question for the individual is, "Do I fall outside of that model?" either by riding habits (many miles) or owning a machine that has some sub average parts? I have had nothing go wrong so far with mine except for the cruise control and that was covered under the original warranty. I don't plan to sell anytime and I am at ~45K miles. My goal is to get to 100K miles. I just picked up the plan a few months ago. My decision was based on mileage and I had the cash to do it.